USA’s Vinoski wins Blenheim

  • America’s Kimberly Vinoski wins Blenheim Petplan International Horse Trials with Winsome Andante ahead of Andrew Nicholson

    Kimberly Vinoski held her nerve and her cross-country lead to win this year’s Blenheim three-star event on Winsome Adante.

    The 28-year-old, who was second here in 1999 on Over The Limit, was thrilled with this horse, whom she has ridden for almost two years but has little experience at this level.

    Andrew Nicholson, second at Burghley last week, was bridesmaid again, a lovely clear on Fenicio moving him up a place when Primmore’s Pride hit the upright planks for Pippa Funnell, dropping her to fourth.

    “It’s not so bad being runner-up for the second time in a week,” said Andrew, “but I’m starting to worry that it’s about the fourth time it’s happenedhere!”

    Polly Stockton, a former winner here with Westlord, who was later sold to the US, moved up to third when Tangle Man completed on his dressage score.

    As this was her first three-day event with the horse she was delighted. “I didn’t know how he would cope,” she said, “but he was great.”

    Polly also won the Gatehouse saddle for leading owner/rider, while fifth-place d Ann Taylor, a former member of the US Olympic squad, took home the Six TV award for leading rider living within 50 miles.

    Tina Cook (nee Gifford), who had something of a cricket score on her first ride, Iggins, was sixth on Archrival, ahead of Lucinda Fredericks and Darassas.

    For full report and pictures from Blenheim, see Horse & Hound, issue dated Thursday 13 September 2001

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