New rules from British Eventing

  • The number of jumping penalties incurred for compulsory retirement in the show jumping phase of eventing has been reduced from 35 to 24 to follow FEI rules.

    The penalties given have been amended to:

    • four for a knockdown
    • four for a first refusal
    • eight for a second refusal
    • eight for first fall of rider

    Thismeans a rider can afford only six knockdowns – compared to last season’s seven – if they wish to go cross-country. Time-penalties will not count towards compulsory retirement and competitors will be allowed to complete their show jumping rounds evenif they incur 24pen.

    In certain circumstances, judges will be able to use their discretion as to whether or not a horse and rider combination are able to go cross-country if they have reached the maximum penalties allowed for compulsory retirement.

    Check out the full details of other BE rule changes on www.britisheventing.com

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