New BE safety initiatives announced

  • Collapsible fences are expected to become a reality at affiliated events next season

    A company is on the brink of launching a pin that will make “frangible” or collapsible cross-country fences a reality at events next season, Hugh Thomas announced at last week’s British Eventing AGM.

    This development is the result of many months of work by the Transport Research Laboratory. Subject to approval by the TRL, the pin is likely to be made available to course-builders for the construction of new “frangible” post and rail fences during 2002.

    As a result, among the 21 significant rules to be introduced next season is 70 penalties and compulsory retirement for knocking down a frangible cross-country fence.

    Other major rule changes include elimination for a fourth rather than a fifth cumulative refusal, 25pen or elimination for dangerous riding and elimination for exceeding 35pen in the show jumping.

    The owner of a horse that falls twice in a calendar year will be sent an advisory letter and retraining will be necessary following a third horse fall.

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