Meet Horse & Hound Grassroots Eventing Championship contender Anna Crowe

  • We continue to get to know this year's H&H Championship contenders and hear their stories so far...

    We’ve given our lucky competitors the chance to compete in an unaffiliated three-day event with their horse at the inaugural Horse & Hound Grassroots Eventing Championships, which are being held at Keysoe on 27-29 May.

    With unaffiliated classes from 70cm – 100cm there really is nothing to stop riders living their dreams and completing a three-day event with a true championship feel.

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    Each week in the run up to the competition we will meet one of the entrants who can’t wait for the event in our new ‘championship contenders’ series.

    Meet Anna Crowe and Meelickisland Lad (Opal)

    Name: Anna Crowe

    Horse: Meelickisland Lad (Opal) )

    Class: 80cm

    Why you have decided to enter the Championships?

    My passion is eventing as I love the challenge of the three different disciplines and as I get older it is something I would love to go up the levels in. I think being able to stay away and compete over three days is an amazing experience and would give me a great idea of what it would be like to compete at a higher level like all my favourite eventing heroes.

    What are you most looking forward to about the championships?

    I’m really looking forward to every aspect of the event, but I think sleeping over at a show will be really fun. Having the excitement, adrenaline and nerves spread out over three days will make it even better, giving me the chance to experience how a professional event rider might feel.

    What is your must-have stay away show item?

    Definitely my NAF Off shampoo spray, it works wonders on my cheeky grey pony’s stable stains and I can’t recommend it enough. Keeping him clean for three days will be my biggest challenge!

    Do you have a secret weapon?

    It’s not really a secret weapon, but I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful pony! He has such a good attitude to work, he tries his heart out and he is super speedy! I’m doing lots of work to improve his fitness, and my own, for the longer cross-country. Although he’s not the bravest he never gives up and never runs out of energy, which I think will also help with keeping up energy over the three days.

    Tell us a fun fact about your horse:

    Opal was born wild in Meelick, Connemara until he was rounded up and taken to the Connemara sales in Ireland!

    Have you entered the H&H Championships and would like to feature as a Championship Contender? If so please email h&hmarketing@timeinc.com

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