Lauren Shannon’s eventing blog: competing at Aske and naming Quixotic’s foal

  • I can safely say that this last week has been the hardest one to get anything done on or off the yard! I cannot stop wasting my time watching Delphi (Quixotic) and her new foal.

    Delphi ended up staying at Oakham Vet Hospital as she needed a bit of, well, tidying up after foaling. We had to wait until Thursday last week to stitch her up as she was a bit swollen, but it was very quick and she seems a lot more comfortable now.

    Matt Hecking and everyone at Oakham were so caring with both mare and foal, and did let me go visit her whenever I wanted, which was probably more than was necessary. I therefore had no problem waiting until after the weekend to bring them home, as I was away competing at Aske Horse Trials.

    I took Crunchie (Kilcannon Watlings Crunch) and Quality Purdey for the intermediate and Holly (Riffala Du Buisson) for the novice at Aske on Saturday.

    HorseNo7Lauren Shannon riding KILCANNON WATLINGS CRUNCH placed 13 in Intermediate Section B, at the Aske One Day Event on 29 June 20131_Aske13pn78ACrunchie did a great steady double clear (right) to prepare for Barbury CIC2* this weekend.

    Purdey had one silly fence down showjumping and flew the cross-country course. I was trying a new, stronger bit cross-country which gave me so much more control that I killed her canter on a turn to the fifth fence and had a stop! It was silly, but the bit was great the rest of the way round.

    Holly did a lovely dressage and showjumping, followed by a cheeky stop cross-country, so she is off to cross-country school at Somerford this week.

    Lauren Shannon and Alta

    Back to the foal though! Thank you all for name suggestions on my blog last week. While there were some beautiful suggestions (although Peter was never going to win!), I have gone with a name from where I grew up in Utah. I learned to ride in the Rocky Mountains, and there are lots of ski resorts dotted around, so I have named her after one.

    Her name is Alta, which I think suits her very well, as she doesn’t seem quiet and meek enough to be called something like Rose or Callisto! I did love the suggestion of Rosinate, someone obviously did their Don Quixote homework.

    It’s just amazing how a foal’s personality comes out straight away and Alta is so like her mum in so many ways. She loves a scratch and is just as demanding as Delphi was in her younger days! I cannot wait to put her back in-foal again, which we will attempt next month with the help of Oakham Stud Services. Now we just need to pick a daddy…


    Full report of Aske in the current issue of H&H magazine (4 July, 2013)

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