Lauren Shannon’s eventing blog: a new working student and time for entries

  • So, I’ve made a pledge on Twitter, and I am going to uphold it here that I will not moan about the weather. And seeing as I seem to have started just about every blog post talking about the good old British weather, I think it’s time for a change!

    The yard has become considerably easier to deal with this week with my new working student starting. Jess has come all the way from Norfolk, and it’s very nice to have some help after a good few weeks on my own. The horses are all now in serious tidy-up mode!

    The horses have all had their pre-season checks now with the physio and dentist, and are all heading out locally for dressage and showjumping competitions. I always find this time of year the hardest to work the horses in, as they are just finding their fitness and seem to get very fresh very easily! It’s much nicer to work with them after their first few outings, when they’ve had a good few gallops to clear out the cobwebs.

    So we are off showjumping today with a lorry full of youngsters, but basically now it’s just the same old story until we can finally get out eventing! Which reminds me, I had better do some entries this week…


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