Lauren Shannon’s eventing blog: a new horse and circle boredom

  • Since I last blogged, I have managed to do the first entries of the season, for Oasby Horse Trials in Lincolnshire on 7-10 March.

    Aston-le-Walls are putting on yet another new event at the beginning of March, but unfortunately I have to miss it for a family engagement. Aston is an amazing facility to put on so many events (both British Eventing and unaffiliated) throughout the year. Last year they ran in July despite having to tow lorries on to the grounds! We are lucky to have such hard-working and persevering organisers and venues here, and I wish I could go to support the new event.

    Anyway, we also have a new horse on the yard, the eight-year-old mare Riffala Du Buisson (Holly). She has competed up to BE100 level, but is definitely ready to crack on up the grades, so I can’t wait to get her out eventing.

    The other horses are all going well and, after dressage lessons with Jeremy Spring last week, I feel their winter work has paid off. All the mares I am riding this season are big girls, and most of them are still learning where exactly their feet should go, but I am confident they are all on top form.

    I have never made it this close to the season without cross-country schooling, but the ground is still very wet and most courses around us are yet to open. I have booked all the horses in to school at Newton cross-country course next week when it opens, but I am having withdrawals from not getting out of the school for so long!

    All of our horses are very good cross-country, so I’m not worried, but do enjoy those times I get to ride without going round in circles. Everyone else must be as keen as I am to get out and about, as my afternoons are absolutely full for the foreseeable future with lessons… so I best not bore them with too many circles!


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