Injured eventer Rosie Chinery has come round from coma

  • Injured young eventer Rosie Chinery has taken a big step forward in her recovery, with her grandmother reporting that she “woke up” from her coma yesterday.

    Rosie, 18, broke her neck when a horse died underneath her while she was riding work on the Newmarket gallops two weeks ago today.

    Yesterday, Rosie’s maternal grandmother Teresa Skilton — who posts on the H&H forum as Rosiefan — reported to H&H: “Essentially, she woke up today. They got her up in a reclining type chair and she opened her eyes and was clearly looking around. She was obviously aware of who was with her and what was going on.

    “After about an hour her mum left the ward while they put her back in bed and when mum and uncle went back later, she lifted her head and looked at them then drifted back to sleep when they suggested she should rest.

    “We are so thrilled with her progress and so grateful to the fantastic staff at Addenbrooke’s NCCU [Neurosciences Critical Care Unit].”

    Rosie is from Great Yeldham, Essex. Last year she won two point-to-points — putting her in the top 10 women novice riders — and finished seventh in the British eventing under-21 national championship.

    Read Rosiefan’s latest forum update

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