Rosie Chinery is making good progress after breaking neck in fall

  • Young event rider and point-to-point jockey Rosie Chinery is making good progress after a serious fall in which she broke her neck.

    Rosie, 18, was riding work in Newmarket last Wednesday, 11 March, when the horse she was riding died underneath her. She was taken to Cambridge’s Addenbrooke’s Hopsital in a critical condition.

    As Horse & Hound went to press yesterday, British Eventing’s Liza Randall said: “I spoke to Rosie’s mum this morning and she’s doing well. She’s still sedated and they don’t know when she will regain consciousness, but there is no evidence of spinal cord damage.

    Her lungs were crushed by the horse, but she is now breathing for herself.”

    Rosie’s grandmother is a regular user of the Horse & Hound forum under the name Rosiefan, and on Sunday reported: “She has been moving her legs and feet a little, screwing her face up and generally looking a little less doped on and off all afternoon… best of all, if you ask her to squeeze your finger, she does.”

    Rosie is from Great Yeldham, Essex. Last year she won two point-to-points — putting her in the top 10 women novice riders — and finished seventh in the British eventing under-21 national championship.

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