Ginny Elliot’s tips on eventing after care

  • Q: “What is the best way to look after your horse’s legs post competition? I have read so many pieces of conflicting advice, and there are so many products on the market that I am at a loss of what I should use.

    “I used to apply a herbal cooler to the legs after a one-day event, leave them unbandaged and then turn my horse out as soon as we get home, unless it is very late.

    “However, I rode in an unaffiliated three-day event last season and was recommended not to use any lotions, and apply stable bandages instead. I couldn’t turn him out as he was staying in portable stabling on-site at the event so I walked him round a lot but his legs really blew up and didn’t go down properly until he’d had a day out in his field when we got home.

    “Do you think bandaging on it’s own is not sufficient? Should I have put a cooling embrocation on or do you think his legs would have come up anyway whatever I did?”

    Ginny answers . . .

    “There are lots of products on the market which I’m sure all do something. Personally I used to use Ice Tight with Animalintex covering any scratches to avoid infection.

    “I think it would be a good idea to ask your vet for their opinion when they are next on the yard as the treatment used can depend on the conformation of the horse and the ground conditions.”

    Best wishes and good luck

    Ginny Elliot

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