Germany steels the march

  • Germany dominates the leader board at Luhmuhlen four-star, following yesterday’s cross-country phase. Dressage leaders Bettina Hoy and Ringwood Cockatoo moved into second place after clocking up 7.2 time pen, leaving Frank Ostholt and Air Jordan 2 in pole position. Another German, Hinrich Romeike is in third place with Australians Lucinda Fredericks and Andrew Hoy in fourth and fifth.

    Sarah Cohen is the highest place British rider – currently lying eighth on Tom Cruise II. The pair jumped a flawless cross-country round, adding just 1.6 time pen to their dressage score. A clear round from William Fox-Pitt and Birthday Night has brought them up the leader board from nineteenth to twelfth position. British duo Julie Lawson and Howecote Psammite are in seventeenth place, having also jumped a clear cross-country round.

    But today’s show jumping phase is guaranteed to bring more leader board changes and gives Britain a chance to clinch higher places.

    Final results to follow…

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