Child injured by event rider

  • A 10-year-old spectator at a one-day event in France was taken to hospital after being hit by a galloping horse ridden by Robert Lemieux

    A 10-year-old girl miraculously survived being hit by a galloping horse competing on the cross-country phase of Martinvast international one-day event in France recently.

    The girl and her family were crossing an unroped section of the course when British rider Robert Lemieux (pictured) and Ivor Mission approached during his round.

    Although Robert tried to avoid her, she was hit by the horse. Robert said: “I’ve never been so relieved to hear a child scream, because at least then I knew she was alive.”

    Paramedics at the event took the child to Cherbourg hospital, where she was found to have dislocated her shoulder and fractured her collar bone.

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