Uthopia to stay with Carl Hester despite rumours of a sale

  • As the high-profile transfers of showjumpers Talan and Sultan made the news this week, rumours were also abound that Carl Hester’s Uthopia had been sold to at least three different European nations.

    Carl told H&H he was trying to arrange funding to increase his “tiny percentage” stake in the horse and keep the ride for the Olympics. He said the horse remained on his yard.

    But owner Sasha Stewart was receiving “very attractive” offers for the stallion, Carl confirmed.

    He added: “I have always known that he would be sold after the Olympics, but I must try to hold on to him until then.”

    The British Equestrian Federation’s World Class performance director Will Connell said: “We have been in constant contact with Carl, supporting him in his efforts to keep the ride.

    “It is not surprising that people want to buy Uthopia, but he has not been sold and this shows there is a will to keep the horse with Carl until after the Olympics.

    “It’s sad when we lose horses, but it shows how grateful we should be to the vast majority of owners who do not sell.”

    The cut off date for a transfer to another country pre-Olympics was 31 December 2011.

    To read the full news story on high profile transfers see the current issue of H&H (5 January 2012)

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