Steffen Peters is Rolex FEI world cup dressage champion

  • Steffen Peters and Ravel made history when winning the first ever World Cup final for the US on home soil — but only just. They had a 0.45 margin over Isabell Werth and Satchmo, with Anky van Grunsven third on the horse she did not really want to bring, Painted Black.

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    Ravel had won the grand prix deservedly, but even as Peters was soaking up the significance of his kur win, the mutterings had begun that maybe the judging had been a tad partisan.

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    Satchmo had been below par in Thursday’s grand prix, but he was exceptional in the kur, despite a mistake in the two-time changes. The technical wizardry just kept coming, with Isabell signing off with an exquisite one-handed passage sequence down the centre line.

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    They went into the freestyle lead but Ravel came next and the crowd were not going to have it any other way. Ravel’s test was a finessed version of his Hong Kong routine and there was much to like, though two judges including the American ground jury president gave him 87%.

    Magnanimous in defeat, Anky said: “It is not good for the sport for everyone to say Anky’s going to win or Isabell; we need new winners. But this does mean we practice harder and beat Steffen next time.”

    More direct, Isabell said. “Three of the judges placed me first. Maybe next time I just have to hope I get one more.”

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    1. Ravel – Steffen Peters (USA) 84.950%
    2. Satchmo – Isabell Werth (GER) 84.500%
    3. IPS Painted Black – Anky van Grunsven (NED) 82.150%
    4. Exquis Nadine – Hans Peter Minderhoud (NED) 81.050%
    5. Pop Art – Ashley Holzer (CAN) 79.200%
    6. Whisper – Monica Theodorescu (GER) 76.850%
    7. Nartan – Jeannette Haazen (NED) 75.600%
    8. Randon – Michal Rapcewicz (POL) 72.750%
    9. Bjorsells Briar – Jan Brink (SWE) 71.650%
    10. Regardez Moi – Heath Ryan (AUS) 70.300%
    11. Diamore – Marco Bernal (COL) 66.750%

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