Specialist dressage supplier launches new saddle range

  • A specialist dressage supplier has launched a new saddle range.

    Fielder Horse & Rider’s new PFI International dressage saddle range is made up of the Edison and the Polaris saddles.

    They have been designed by dressage trainer and company director Paul Fielder.

    “Having suffered a very bad groin injury myself, I wanted a more comfortable seat and to feel my legs making close contact with the horse,” he said.

    The knee rolls and skirt of the saddle are shaped so that the rider’s knee is not locked into a tight position, enabling them to have a flexible thigh position.

    Each saddle can be adjusted by changing tree fittings and girth attachments.

    “The saddle is adjusted by one of our experienced fitters who have been carefully chosen for their experience, knowledge and attention to detail,” Mr Fielder added.

    Because each saddle is individually hand-made there is a delivery time of eight weeks.

    For more information visit www.fielderhorseandrider.com

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