FEI reassures after concerns surround Patrik Kittel photo

  • The FEI has moved to reassure people who have expressed concern about a photo of Swedish dressage rider Patrik Kittel warming up his horse in what appears to be a rollkur position.

    The photo of Patrik and his horse, Scandic, was taken yesterday (Thursday 2 August).

    The picture has caused online outbursts from dressage lovers calling it “disgusting” and calling for his disqualification.

    But the FEI reassured fans on its Facebook page that its stewards were “monitoring” training sessions – and that single photos could be “misleading”.

    A spokesman wrote: “Looking forward to top class dressage performances at the sensational Greenwich Park venue today.

    “We are aware that there is concern about some training methods, but photographs can be misleading. Rest assured that our stewards are always there, on the ground, monitoring all training sessions.We’re on the case.”

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