Faurie leads British dressage rankings

  • Emile Faurie heads the Woof Grand Prix Rankings with just one month to go

    With just one month to go before the winner of the Woof Rankings 2001 is declared, Emile Faurie is in a 28-point lead in the Woof Grand Prix Rankings ahead of Richard Davison. Laura Richardson is in third place on 183 points.

    Girl power reigns in the Woof Small Tour Rankings with Jane Bredin (170) commanding a substantial lead over Angie Rutherford(109). Emile Faurie and Carl Hester are just a few points behind in third and fourth place respectively.

    The final placings will be announced on 12 October, which will include the results of the Mercedes-Benz National Dressage Championships on 21-23 September.

    To read preview of the national championships at Stoneleigh click here

    How are the rankings decided?

    Riders who have competed nationally and internationally during the past 12 months have each been awarded points based on their scores and the status of the competition.

    Each rider’s highest eight scores are used to form the rankings. Results that are more than 12 months old are discarded. This will be particularly important when the final grand prix rankings are calculated because Emile Faurie and Richard Davison will lose their Olympic points.

    Alongside the prestige of winning, the rankings also provide a financial boost to the winning riders, with the Woof Grand Prix Rankings winner taking home £1,000 and the winner of the Small Tour Rankings, which include intermediaire and prix st georges, receiving £500

    The winning riders will also perform their kr test in front of audiences attending the Horse & Hound Winter Dressage Championships in April 2002.


      1, Emile Faurie (Reuters Rascher Hopes, Reuters Atoll) 236

      2, Richard Davison (Hiscox Askari) 208

      3, Laura Richardson (Millenium) 183

      4, Nicky Barrett (Cerruti, Giorgio S) 162

      5, Peter Storr (Gambrinus) 153

      6, Sandy Phillips (No Limit 5) 130

      7, Dr Bechtolsheimer (Douglas Dorsey, Winniza) 123

      8, Carl Hester (Argentille Gullit, Donnersong, Morrocco II) 109

      9, Kirsty Mepham (Dikkiloo) 100

      10, Lizzie Murray (Catherston Dazzler, Catherston Humbug) 82


      1, Jane Bredin (Goya III, Icterus, Lucky Star) 170

      2, Angie Rutherford (Kartouche) 109

      3, Emile Faurie (Reuters Domingo, Reuters Racit) 104

      4, Carl Hester (Donner Rhapsody, Wellington Laska) 102

      5, Peter Storr (Jamiro, Ma Cherie) 95

      6, Daniel Timson (Moskino) 84

      7, David Hunt (Art Gallery, Oliver Twist) 80

      8, Charlotte Edmonds (Broomford Locarno, Torque O’the Devil) 79

      9, Emma Hindle (Lillemarkens Archibal) 77

      10, Nicola Jourdain (K. Beautie) 73

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