Corect tack and turnout for dressage

  • Saddles

    • Must be English or Continental style
    • Brown, black, grey or navy
    • Saddle covers are not allowed, except for riding in
    • Gel pad seat savers are allowed as long as they match the saddle and are unobtrusive


    • Prelim and Novice standard – ordinary snaffle
    • Elementary to Advanced standards – ordinary snaffle or double bridle
    • PSG-GP tests (that are ridden under national rules) – ordinary snaffle or double bridle
    • International PSG-GP tests (ridden under FEI) rules – double bridle
    • No tassels or any additions to normal configuration
    • Discreet padding at the poll or noseband is allowed


    • Must be worn
    • Drop, flash or cavesson nosebands to be used with snaffle bridles
    • Only cavesson nosebands to be used with double bridles
    • Grackle nosebands are not allowed

    Other tack

    • Bitguards – not allowed
    • Martingales – not allowed
    • Side and running reins – not allowed
    • Reins with elastic inserts – not allowed
    • Bandages and boots – not allowed
    • Blinkers – not allowed
    • Tongue straps – not allowed
    • Breast plates and breast girths – allowed
    • Cruppers – allowed (but not for tests run under FEI rules)


    • Can be used in Prelim classes, 4yo young horse classes, in classes where young horses are ridden in groups, and while riding in
    • Not allowed at Novice standard and upwards
    • Balancing straps are permitted

    Fly fringes, gauzes and ear covers

    • May be worn when riding-in, but not during a test
    • With written permission, headshakers may be allowed to wear a nose gauze

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