Anky scores World Cup hat trick

  • Anky Van Grunsven took her third consecutive World Cup with Keltec Salinero in front of the home crowd in Amsterdam with 87.75%.

    “It was the best test Salinero has done so far,” said Anky. “He was relaxed, but still going forward. I can’t say what would have been better.”

    Judge at C, Vincenzo Truppa of Italy said: “I gave Anky a 10 for her music as she interpreted it brilliantly today.”

    Anky used the same freestyle that won her the World Cup last year, put together by Victor Kerkhof and Cees Slings. Slings and Kerkhof will work on a new kur for Anky after they compose the music for the opening ceremony of the World Equestrian Games.

    Germany’s Isabell Werth posed the biggest threat to the champion with Warum Nicht, finishing second with 81.15%. Isabell just had a small mistake in the two-time changes and finished down the centerline in passage, holding the reins with one hand.

    “‘Hannes’ is working at such a high level now. The crowd did not make him too tense and he was concentrating,” said Isabell. “The fault in the two-time changes was mine, I was just too quick with my leg aid.”

    The positions were reversed form Thursday’s grand prix, with Sweden’s Jan Brink occupying third place with Bjorsells Briar, his highest placing at a World Cup.

    “I has some small mistakes today where Briar was not quite in front of my leg,” said Jan. “The scores today are so tight a small mistake can lose it, but having seen Anky’s test I’m very proud to be sitting up here in third.”

    Britain’s Laura Bechtolsheimer won the World Cup B final with her father’s Douglas Dorsey on 73.52%. This same score would have seen her into the top 10 had she qualified for the A final. Laura was ecstatic with her performance, riding to an Elvis medley with no major mistakes.

    “I was quite disappointed we weren’t at out usual standard to get into the main final, but having put it in to perspective I’m only 21 and this is my first World Cup — I’m not complaining!” said Laura.

    “On a usual day I wouldn’t have a problem beating some of the riders who were in the A final, but it turned out that winning the B final was more of an event than finishing say eighth in the A final.

    “This is the most amazing experience of my whole life with horses,” she said.

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