Fine Fettle Products

Fine Fettle Products is a company dedicated to improving dogs’ health and wellbeing by natural means. We specialise in the research and development of methods of canine care which work with the immune system, to support and maintain natural good health. Our ethos is to take a natural approach to help redress the imbalances in the system, which cause illnesses and adverse health issues.

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    Historically, natural charcoal has been used for millennia as a means to countering toxicity in the system. Happy Tummy® natural charcoal was developed specially for use in animal welfare. Added to your pet’s food daily, Happy Tummy® is able to adsorb a wide range of unwanted substances, like that which is in chocolate that is harmful to dogs. These are then excreted in the normal way from the animal’s system.  This takes much of the load off your pet’s immune system and helps the liver, kidneys and digestion as a whole, to operate more
    effectively. It’s useful to always have some Happy Tummy® to hand. You’ll find that your pet’s breath will improve, the tummy will be less windy and odours will reduce!

    Happy Tummy® natural charcoal: –
    1. Reduces gas & smelly odours
    2. Aids digestion
    3. Improves health & vitality
    4. Absorbs unwanted substances
    5. Boosts the immune system
    6. Improves skin condition
    7. Is Effective, fast acting & economic