Simon Grieve’s eventing blog: a big Burghley sigh of relief

  • I took Bozzie (Cornacrew) for a leisurely stroll to the main arena and back at Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials this morning. On our return journey he spotted Michael Jung and his horses in the distance, and that was it. Piaffe, cantering sideways (not in a good way) and doing a lot of snorting and sweating all the way home! I can safely say that he is feeling on top of the world right now, but I’m not convinced that lends itself to us doing the test of our lives tomorrow.

    The obligatory Burghley House selfie!

    The obligatory Burghley House selfie!

    I love that he’s excited, that’s why we’ve brought him here – for him to really enjoy himself and he certainly is doing that.

    The briefing at 11am passed with little drama. We sat with Andrew James – it’s fantastic seeing Andrew here again., He is such a hard worker and a top guy so I hope he has a good run this time on Movistar.

    In classic Grievesy style I thought I’d left my trot-up tie at home, so a quick trip into Stamford to buy a smart new one rectified the problem, but of course the original one then turned up on my return. Whoops!

    I can safely say I find trot-ups ridiculously nerve wracking, and today reiterated that. Bozzie was full of beans and extremely strong so the Ground Jury asked me trot again which did nothing for my nerves, but they were happy on our second presentation so we have been accepted for Burghley 2015. Phew, what a relief!

    Simon with his mum Karen

    Simon looking smart with his mum Karen

    The arena familiarisation session involved some very quick marching from Bozzie, but I did get a chance to chat with Alex Postolosky (who was familiarising her ride Islanmore Ginger). Alex is another hard working rider who was about to drive home to ride her young event horses in preparation for Friday’s final here at Burghley. I hope the extra effort pays off for her with good results on Friday. I’m a touch envious as I would love for Bob to be here competing in the final, but his colic surgery has sadly denied him the chance.

    We have made use of the beautiful gallop strip this afternoon to try and get some of the edge off Bozzie Buckley, but I’m not sure it’s made much difference. What I can guarantee is that Mr Buckley will have a smile from ear to ear tomorrow trotting down that centre line at 11.10am. I’m hoping his jockey can keep up with the pace and will do too. Wish us luck!


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