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  • Dear gorgeous readers,

    Happy New Year!

    As I write to you, I am sitting in bed in my brother’s house, in Bournemouth, with my dog Pringle snuggled under the duvet as the rain is pelting down outside. I think this could be a good place to stay for the day! I have just finished the book I was reading: “Me before you”. I’m not going to lie, I did shed a tear or two. Beautifully moving and inspiring.

    I am sorry I have left you all for so long, I just needed a bit of time out and the past few months have been insanely busy as I have been trying to grow business with the yard (my life is not my own).

    There are some exciting developments starting to take place and I do believe that 2016 is

    Having fun at the Active Rider charity ball

    Having fun at the Active Rider charity ball

    going to be fabulous!

    When I moved to Gainfield Farm in August, I had only my mare Poppy with me. Over the next few months I began to fill a few more stables and now am about to take on one of the barns there with eight stables!

    Jack and Debbie Beasant (of Gainfield) have been very accommodating as my business has grown. Hannah Belcher, who started doing some part time work for me a couple of months back will now be joining Shaun Mandy Dressage as full-time groom. Hannah will be bringing her horse to mine as part of her package includes training with me.

    So, one of the most exciting things for me to have happened in 2015, was taking on the ride of the very smart six-year-old by Utopia, called Euphoria E (Inky, pictured top)!

    It is still early days in our partnership as I only took the ride on a few months ago, but under the watchful eye of my super trainer, Peter Storr, progress is being made and we are getting to know eachother. Inky is currently owned by Lis Hollander and we are in the process of inviting people to buy into him and form a syndicate.

    I will be taking him to Quainton Stud later this month to do his first medium test and next month we shall be at the winter regionals (probably Addington) for the elementary. All going to plan, Poppy will be debuting at advanced medium next month too.

    I love how life has its way of reason and purpose, even if in the moment you can’t see it.

    Last year as my teaching started to slow down, I remember thinking that this was not good and questioned what I would do. Within a very short space of time, interest started to pick up on the yard side and I had more time to focus on developing it. Now as I feel a bit more up and running with the yard, my teaching is starting to get more booked up again so now it is time to fly with both like superman!

    Pringle is fabulously well and recently got a clean bill of health from possibly the most gorgeous vet I have ever seen! It was our first visit back to our usual vets since moving home from Denmark. Sadly for Pringle and I, this Aussie vet was only temping and that was his last week in our practice. I do believe though, I now know what love feels like!

    Pringle enjoying a luxurious snooze

    Pringle enjoying a luxurious snooze

    Pringle got a new toy for Christmas, courtesy of my landlady, and she loves it more than life itself. I have to say that it is her fist toy ever that she has not managed to destroy! It is shaped a bit like a Christmas cracker and is made out of some hardy rubbery material. She can’t even leave a tooth mark. I think the hightlight for her is that it squeaks when she runs around with it in her mouth.

    Well, my lovelies, have a super week and when I next write I hope to have some exciting news of a new four-year-old, reports from winter regionals and clinics starting up abroad. Yup, it is time for my airport adventures to begin again!

    Until soon xx

    Body mind mastery quote: “Everyone has a talent; but rare is the courage to follow the talent to the places it leads” – Erica Jong

    Be brave people and spread your wings!

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