Rosie Fry’s eventing blog: Winter dressage, all-clear for Kitkat and first falls [VIDEO]

  • With the event season looming, things are starting to get busy. I will be trying to get my horses out showjumping or to a dressage competition once a week from now on to get the practice in.

    I will be hoping to start at Aldon, my local, which is just under seven weeks away and I know the time will fly by and it will be upon us before we know it.

    I have just started going to Hannah Biggs for some dressage lessons and she has been helping me a lot with Ruby (Rubabell Cruise/a>). I have been really pleased with the progress Ruby has been making and can’t thank Hannah enough.

    Winter dressage

    We took Ruby and Archie (Arise Cavalier) to their first dressage competition of the year at West Wilts last week. West Wilts put on eventers’ dressage during the winter where we can pick our own BE test to run through, which is great practice.

    Archie did a couple of novice tests and behaved a lot better in his second one than the first. It’s ideal to run through two tests in a row as I find they knuckle down and concentrate better second time in once they realise there is no jumping to follow.

    Ruby ran through a novice first and then did her first ever intermediate test. I was really pleased with her. She has progressed so much from last year.

    We will take them back to West Wilts this week for some British Showjumping. The lorry could drive itself there now!

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    I also had some very exciting news last week with Kitkat (Another Breakfast) getting the all-clear from our vets to start cantering and jumping again. He has done about 12 weeks road work. This is vital for strengthening the leg and giving him as much chance as possible to recover fully, as well as giving him his basic fitness having been off for a long time.

    I gave him his first little jump this week and he was a bit excited (see video, top). I can’t wait to have him back out this season.

    First fall of the year

    I did also have my first fall of 2015 — I suppose it’s always good to get that out of the way!

    It just so happened that it was an exact repeat of my first fall of 2014 — bucked off Archie while having a dressage lesson in Emma Fisher’s school. He was not in the good books and consequently was made to work very hard.

    The horses have all had their pre-season MOTs, having their backs checked and teeth done so I know they are feeling their best now their work is stepping up a gear.


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