Rosie Fry’s eventing blog: getting to the bottom of Kitkat’s problems

  • I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of eventing action to report on this week due to a mixture of things. Leo (Soltair Justice) has been for sale since I took over the ride on him this summer and I am currently waiting to hear whether he has passed his vetting and will be off to a new home. I have had a lot of fun with him with a novice win and a 7th at intermediate among our results. He definitely has a big future ahead of him. We were entered up for the CIC2* at Gatcombe this weekend, but obviously we will no longer be going there.

    Kitkat (Another Breakfast), as you will have read in my previous blogs, has not been going so well and we had put this down to bitting problems, but as he was slowly getting worse we realised that there must have been something physically wrong. On the advice of an osteopath we took him for X-rays and, although it’s minor, he did show evidence of having a very slight kissing spine.

    We therefore treated him and are confident that he will be back to himself again, but he is now finished for the season and we will concentrate on getting him back on track for next year. It was a relief to have found out the cause of the problems and thankfully the vet does not think it will be a recurring issue.

    Totty (Totten Lady) had a minor setback and so needed a few days off, but hopefully I will get her out to Dauntsey and Aldon. Horses can be very frustrating sometimes!

    As we weren’t out eventing at the weekend I was able to support my brother and his team at Harry Fry Racing’s first owners and media day on Sunday. There was a parade of the horses in training and thankfully the rain held off until all the horses and people were back under cover. The horses are looking fantastic and I can’t wait until they all start to go racing.

    I am off for my first morning’s autumn hunting with the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale tomorrow (Saturday) and will be taking my young rider European horse, Louie (Bankon Louie). He is in disgrace as Mum took him out last weekend and he was rather naughty and bucked her off. I’m hoping I don’t get the same treatment tomorrow!


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