Roland’s nags and nails: ‘I don’t care what I look like’

  • It’s got to the point where I don’t care what I look like.  I’ll wear anything to stay cool (or perhaps it would be better to wear nothing!) Our summer weather has reduced me to donning a bandana and carrying a towel on my tool box. As of today I am wearing shorts.

    If that does not work, then I will have to consider the muscle top option, something I swore I would never do! It doesn’t help that the horses are so hot and working on them is like doing a full workout whilst leaning against a radiator.

    Fitting shoes is still my main challenge and priority as I continue to try to see the different shape that each hoof has. I’ve found my trimming work has deteriorated as a consequence of being preoccupied with the fitting side.

    Trying to knit all the elements together is actually quite hard.   Placing the last piece in the jigsaw, which is effectively what I have to do to be able to shoe a standard horse well, seems a long way off.

    And of course frustration leads to lack of confidence, which leads to self-doubt and so on.  It’s a hard cycle to break and Kris, my training farrier, and I are working hard on trying to reverse the spiral.  It doesn’t help that I can’t see what I’m doing for the sweat in my eyes!

    No more excuses! Bring me another hot horse to work on…

    Until next week



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