Roland’s nags and nail: reflecting on my previous life

  • I’ve been reflecting on the kind of life I now lead, having been a corporate businessman and entrepreneur before.  Obviously, being a farrier couldn’t be more different and many of the people I now meet couldn’t be more different either.

    I still have some contact with my previous corporate world and many of my friends now hold senior positions in big companies, but I never remember discussing work as much as I do now.  Anyone who finds out I’m training to be a farrier seems to be immediately interested.

    I can understand why farriery is so interesting to people.  It is an incredibly evocative craft with strong connotations to the past, but as relevant as any other modern trade is.  Questions I am often asked include “why do horses wear shoes?” and “why do you need to burn the shoes on?”  and “does it hurt the horse?” By far the most common question is “how is your back”?

    There is no doubt about it, it is back-breaking work, but I just smile and say that I’m in better shape now than I have ever been. One thing is for sure, sitting at a desk day-in, day-out does nothing for your fitness, or your back for that matter!

    Until next week



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