Pony Mad Mum’s blog: What do ponies really want for Christmas? *VIDEO*

  • What do ponies really want for Christmas? Are they just humouring us when we try to include them?

    It’s nearly Christmas, and anybody with a mix of ponies and children in the household knows that the ponies have to be included in the celebrations, even if they don’t always appreciate it!

    We had a little pony on loan many years ago. She was much loved by her owners and came with a detailed instruction manual. Top of the list was the insistence that on Christmas Eve, she had to have mince pies. On no account should these be fed cold, either. They had to be just warmed through*.

    So on each Christmas Eve we would duly troop out to the stables with a plateful of carefully warmed pies. The little mare did eat them, in tiny dainty nibbles, in the manner of a house guest presented with a plate of something he or she really doesn’t like but eats out of politeness, all the while proclaiming whatever it is to be absolutely delicious. I couldn’t help thinking she would rather have had a carrot or two.

    Sadly she is no longer with us but this year we thought we would challenge some of her successors to see what they really thought. Carrots or mince pies? They made their feelings pretty clear. But maybe there are some mince pie loving ponies out there! Let me know. Or if you have any other little Christmas rituals feel free to share.

    Here’s to a very happy Christmas and a pony-filled New Year.


    * Vets have confirmed that there are no ingredients within the common mince pie that can cause any damage to your horse or pony, but please use your own discretion and common sense!

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