Lucy Eddis’ horsey teen blog: Pony domination recommences

  • After what feels like a lifetime, the ponies are slowly starting to dominate our lives again as we prepare for the 2017 season. Cash has had a lovely easy winter being worked from the ground to try and give him the best chance of another good year. Although I haven’t been a part of this, I can report that the ‘Home Team’ have done a really excellent job and he is looking better than ever. Unfortunately however, I have A Levels looming and since I think they’re going to need a bit of attention, pony commitments will have to be kept to a minimum.

    One of my sister’s ponies, Lenny

    My sister Susie meanwhile, is in full focus for some early British Eventing (BE) events with her two ponies, who, although both with bags of ability, could not be more different. My mother describes Lenny as the “bouncing snowman”, whereas Percy is a bit more quiet and focused. I am very hopeful though that she will enjoy the eventing as much as I did with Cash.


    A couple of weeks ago I was also lucky enough to go to the British Show Pony Society (BSPS) AGM to receive an achievement award, which after a miserable week of mock exams, has worked wonders in lifting my mood and was a very nice surprise.

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    And finally, we have just had a very intense half term skiing holiday. Intense only because of the hotel we were staying in, which felt as if it was on drugs. There was not a single second of rest — the very over-enthusiastic staff split themselves between a Boney M tribute band in one corner and a Mamma Mia musical style performance in the other, while we sat bang in the middle drinking hot chocolate (mummy on the gin), intoxicated by the overwhelming aroma of a failed drainage system. The final straw of the so called ‘entertainment’ was on the ‘Halloween night’, when Christina, whose job we couldn’t really work out but who threw herself into every performance with really quite terrifying gusto, hid behind a pillar dressed as a cat and jumped out at unsuspecting guests, one of which being my mother. If my mother was a pony, she would be a very spooky one, and on this occasion she screamed loudly and muttered while storming away from Christina, who looked really quite hurt. Maybe their usual punters enjoy that sort of thing…

    Although I wouldn’t usually consider the pony world a particularly sane one, after our week long out of body experience with such antics happening every night, I am more than ready to come back to it.


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