Lauren Shannon’s eventing blog: catch rides and ‘socks for horses’

  • Considering that I was not going to start eventing until Belton Horse Trials this year, I am managing to get to an event every weekend anyway! I had a catch ride at Lincoln last week in the BE100, who had a great first run out.

    It was actually lovely to head to an event with only 1 horse, very relaxing and something that hasn’t happened in a long time! We put Holly (Riffala Du Buisson) on the lorry that day too as we stopped by a very posh yard on the way home to take some pictures and video of a brilliant product that we use, EquiSox (info@equisox.com).

    equisoxEquiSox are compression socks for horses, that wick away moisture and support the legs post exercise and during transport etc. They are a great alternative to bandaging, which can allow the leg to heat up, which slows healing and recovery. I use them with all my horses, and am incredibly happy with the results I’ve seen.

    There are always people who don’t take to innovative solutions with horses, but EquiSox are an exciting development in horse health. They are not a replacement for bandaging, but they are a great way to support horses’ legs in a very quick and easy way.

    This week has also been busy trying to get things sorted for the new yard. Our local feed and tack shop, Riseholme Feeds, have been incredibly helpful with this. They recently moved their shop to Wysall, Notts, so they understand the stress of moving, while at the same time having everything that we could possibly need for the new yard.

    It is great to buy from and support local, family-run businesses, and we are beyond lucky to have Riseholme so close. We buy all our feed through them, as well as our tack and bits and bobs for the yard — they really are a one-stop shop!

    This weekend, we are off to Great Witchingham with students and I have another catch ride to take around. It isn’t quite as local as Lincoln, but will still be a nice day out!

    Here at home, our arena is finished, as are all the groundworks by Elmtree Construction. They have been on site for 8 weeks, constructing a 60x30m outdoor school, concrete for a massive American barn and new Claydon horse walker as well as moving a huge amount of soil!

    I have taken pictures every day, and the whole thing has been spotless from start to finish. Elmtree have been professional and blindingly quick throughout their time on site, and we will definitely have them back for work in the future.

    Our walker from Claydon arrives next Monday, and then we can start properly using the facilities — just in time for the event season to properly kick off for us.


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