Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: new homes for my special boys

  • So with Warwick and Windy both having got their RIHS tickets, it has been a chance for me to get going with Bert and Francis (pictured) instead.

    So mum and I popped to a show literally just down the road — I wish all shows could be that close! I took Bert, who has just started to really come together to do the five-year-old class, which he won in good company. He was also second in the intermediate qualifier. Francis had a borrowed jockey who did a fab job on him to be third in his lead rein class.

    Ollie had also bought Windy along, so we attempted our first workers — sadly we didn’t make it around the whole course, as he took a dislike to the 7th jump which was a wall! He did however redeem himself in the afternoon by winning the open class and standing silver medal champion.

    But my outings with Bert and Francis have been short-lived — within one weekend they had both found themselves new homes and I have found myself ponyless at home!! Francis has been sold to a brilliant home to do lead rein and first ridden classes. I wish Bethan all the luck in the world with her very special birthday present. After three years his little face is greatly missed by me and mum, but I am really pleased he has found himself a smashing family home.

    Bert has also found himself a wonderful home, just five minutes around the corner from me. He has gone to do some showing, dressage and lots of other fun bits. I have never sold a pony so close to home and it was very weird to have him ‘hacking’ off to his new home! For me it is great as I still get to see him and have been promised the odd ride on him. At only five years old I know he has a great future ahead of him.

    I wish both of their new owners all the luck in the world with them. They are both lovely boys who I have greatly enjoyed having. So for the first time in a long time it is just me, a field and no ponies! I’m not to sure what to do with myself. I keep suddenly panicking that I haven’t done them and then I realise I have none to do! It is a very odd feeling.

    Thank goodness in a few weeks I will have an old face appearing in my field who I can’t wait to see…


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