Alice & Murph’s Mitsubishi Motors Cup blog: pyjamas and Beyoncè

  • Hey guys,

    My name is Murph, they tell me I’m six, I’ve been with my mum for as long as I can remember, and life’s great.

    As I write this, it is Wednesday. I had my breakfast and I got turned out to chill with my girlfriend H. I had a rug on today, (I’ve been out sunbathing naked recently). I think the rug was something to do with the word dressage I heard, and the fact I have to have frequent baths to stay try and stay clean (but I like being dirty). I have had a busy couple of days — I had what was called my last jump last night (I’m sure what means though, I hope nothing serious). I thought I jumped liked that horse I’ve heard about ‘Tiger Roll’ — it was so much fun, we were on the grass and I took out a few strides like I normally do, and bucked a little!

    I was right, I heard the would dressage correctly! We have just got back from it. I normally get excited as I like the jumping after, but mum patted me lots today and gave me big kiss so I know I did well. We keep doing the same test at the moment, I think I know it without mum steering — it must mean we are doing something big soon, I do keep hearing that word Badminton… anyway I’ve got my cape on now which acts as my pyjamas (don’t tell anyone), so I’m off to bed. Night world.

  • Murph on the scales. I like to weigh them once a month — he is a 493kg which is slightly heavy for him, but a lot of them are like that with the spring grass

    So that was Murph’s account of one of his days. I think he knows! We got our Badminton package through also on Wednesday, which told us our numbers, and gave us our car passes, admissions and all the information about the event. I’m starting to feel quite excited now and so far, all of our preparations have gone to plan.

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    How do I personally prepare?

    Well tomorrow night (Monday, the night before dressage), I will try and get a good sleep. I don’t normally have an issue as I’m normally tired. I’ll wake up and eat breakfast as that for me is the most important meal, it also gets your metabolism going. I know my test, but if I’m ever struggling to remember one, I tend to visualise me actually riding it, doing each movement. In actual fact, that’s a very good way to ride a correct and accurate test. I love music, and by getting a good tune in my head, like Beyoncé and sing it while I warm up, even in the test, it just relaxes me and relaxes my body, and any tension Murph feels. I now have it in my head if one movement is not spot on, ride for the next one, as you can get a five then an eight. Smiling also covers a lot before and after the test!

    Tune in on Tuesday where I will give you an insight of feelings, expectations and what it’s like!


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