Alice Dunsdon’s Adelaide blog: time flies when you’re having fun!

  • We’ve almost completed one week at Magic Millions and only have one more week to go before the start of the Australian International Three-Day Event in Adelaide.

    During these past few weeks I’ve had a lot of time to think about this journey I’m on. If you have been reading my blogs you will already know I not afraid to admit I’m a bit of a worrier sometimes. You see, I like to try to prepare myself in case the worst happens. I feel I will be more prepared for complete heartache if anything were to go wrong. I bet a sports psychologist would have a field day with me!

    I think about what happens, for example, if I were to have a silly fall, even in the dressage test. How truly awful that would be and how I would have to tell you guys?! So I’m telling you now, if that happens I shall cry and I may well stay out here until the Adelaide three-day comes around in a year’s time.

    I’m sat here pondering about life while watching Hilly (Fernhill Present) graze in a little field we have made for him. Is our fate already written out for us? Are the decisions we make controlled by some unknown force? Are there aliens? Ok, I think the sun has got to me. But seriously I wish I could see into the future some times.

    Hilly enjoys grazing in his temporary field

    Obviously Hilly is my number one concern and as I look at him now in his little field, he looks very content and happy. I gave him his second lot of fast work today on the racetrack and I really don’t think he’s lost any fitness. I am so pleased with how he’s coped with the whole experience so far. I could not be prouder of him. He should be writing this blog and telling us what’s happening, but I am doing my best to tell both of our stories.

    It is absolutely beautiful here and it’s amazing to be so close to Glenelg Beach (pictured top and below) as well as Adelaide City. Dave, Jenny and I are trying to take time out to explore, but I don’t want to leave Hilly for too long as I like to see him out grazing as much as possible.


    On a very serious note, I have no idea what to wear for the trot up! Everyone including myself likes a good goggle at everyone’s outfits. Short skirt? Definitely don’t have the legs. High heels? That’s a straight no. I like a bit of tweed. but fear this may not be appropriate for the climate. I like colour but have to consider sweat patches if it’s hot. No-one likes to see sweaty armpits! If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to email me on alicedunsdon@yahoo.com or comment below. I would appreciate the help!

    Until next time when things will really start to get exciting! The countdown has begun…

    Alice and Hilly x

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