Working toward unity

  • A team from the British Endurance Riding Association (BERA) and Endurance Horse and Pony Society (EHPS) has met to discuss next season’s ride calendar in the light of the recent referendum where endurance riders voted to form a single governing body for the sport.

    The meeting agreed to nominate four rides, two from each society, for international FEI status, the Golden Horseshoe Ride (BERA), White Rose (BERA), Summer Solstice (EHPS) and Red Dragon ride (EHPS). It is proposed that the rides would be run under the banner of the new Endurance GB organisation.

    John Hudson who has been closely involved in negotiations to form the new society as a member of the finance and administration steering committee, said one option would beto run two separate calendars and sets of rules as at present with the proceeds going to Endurance GB funds.

    He said: “This would give the new team a whole year to come up with the new set of rules and a calendar for 2002”.

    The next step on the path to unity will involve members of both societies in the delicate decision to disband each organisation.