What’s new: Libbys Click Bridle

  • A full-adjustable bridle without any buckles might sound rather unusual but webbing specialist Libbys believes it is on to a winner with its innovative design.

    The Click Bridle is made from half-inch webbing, with snap and side release joiners (pictured) replacing the traditional buckles. Elastic keepers keep any loose ends tucked neatly out of sight.

    “We set out to provide a robust bridle which could be used every day by the busy professional, dedicated amateur and enthusiastic leisure rider,” explains the company’s brainchild Libby Virgoe.

    The result is a bridle that can be used in all weathers, day in and day out, and is machine washable on a standard cycle.

    The click fastening joiners are made of a hard wearing and non-corrosive material with a breaking strain of up to 150lbs and are expected to particularly appeal to anyone with manipulation problems, such as arthritis in hands or fingers.

    The bridle has been carefully designed so that while the webbing and joiners are extremely strong, the bridle will break if put under extreme pressure, helping to avoid an accident should a horse or pony become accidentally caught on a branch or post.

    The bridle is available in a range of colours, including black, and is supplied with reins, which have a loop fitting to the bit and Velcro fastening at the hand. It comes in Shetland, pony, cob and full sizes, and prices start from around £25.

    For more details contact (tel: 01752 255555) or visit: www.libbys-tack.com

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