What’s new: What to wear

  • As riders thoughts turn towards the forthcoming competition season, make sure you aren’t caught out by recent rule changes on permitted clothing and equipment, with the latest edition of BETA’s What to Wear book.

    The publication is packed with information on the clothing, which is suitable for each discipline and meets the latest rules and regulations from each governing body.

    The book has been expanded to include information about the growing sports of le trec and horseball in addition to the popular pastimes such as dressage, eventing, show jumping, showing, hunting, endurance, and polo.

    It also covers the correct dress for riding club and pony club events, as well as BHS examinations, western riding and riding side-saddle.

    Driving enthusiasts haven’t been forgotten, with expert tips on clothing for pleasure driving, harness racing and horse driving trials. The book also includes a section on the latest safety standards.

    So whether you specialise in a single sport, or are an all-rounder who enjoys competing in a range of disciplines, this book is a “must read” for all competitors.

    What to Wear costs £5.50, £1.00 for post and packing, and is available from your local BETA member retailer, or by mail order from BETA direct (tel: 01937 587062).

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