Wessex Arabian Spring showing show results, 12 April

  • WESSEX ARABIAN SPRING The Hand EC, Somerset, 12 April
    Anglo/part-bred in-hand (Mr R Davies) y’stk.— 1 & res, Mrs C R Trodd’s Romany River Chantilly Lace; 2, Miss L Pepper’s Wrenwood Jobyan; 3, Mrs J Busch’s Strinesdale Irresistible. 4-y-o & over.— 1, ch & res sup, Mrs J Watkins’ Breinton Royal Pageant; 2, Miss A Whalley’s Strinesdale Mastermind; 3, Mrs L Lidbury’s Turning Point. pure-bred in-hand (Miss S Lindsay) y’ling.— 1, Mrs J Stafford-Charles’ Summer Place Mikado; 2, Mrs E German’s Sahir Farhaneh; 3, Mrs B Cary’s Claudiuss. 2/3-y-o colt/geld.— 1, Mr & Mrs M Stone’s M C Ambiorix; 2, Mr P Stafford & Mr S Luff’s TES Psynfamous; 3, Miss J Marsh & Mr P Wickland’s TES Elouff. do filly.— 1, jnr ch & sup, Mrs J Holloway’s Panndora; 2 & res jnr, Mrs L Shawyer’s Elkana Liquid Gold; 3, Mr & Mrs P M Gamlin & D Davies’ Valentina Versace. (Mrs F Grant-Chivers) Crabbet.— 1, Mrs D Batten’s Icarus; 2, Miss C Selway’s Suneagle; 3, Mrs M Childs’ Nubian Gold. pure-bred in-hand (Miss S Lindsay) mare.— 1, Mrs D Ellis’ Marbon Medina; 2, Mr D Carden’s Muranas Kiara; 3, Mr R Jones & Mr A Griffiths’ Ematenta. stallion.— 1 & snr ch, Mr G Teague’s Ffoenix; 2, Mr & Mrs N Stafford-Charles’ Dahzik; 3, The Prince of Wales’ Goudah. gelding.— 1 & res snr, Miss S Tyne’s Eternal Spirit; 2, Mr A Reeves’ G Shakib; 3, Mr P Wainwright’s Fantasist. ridden (Miss L Maryon) novice Anglo/part-bred.— 1 & res nov, Mrs D Bullock’s Clinwil Royal Serenade; 2, Mrs D Godfrey’s Claverdon Courageous; 3, Mrs A Champ’s Latalia Rose. do pure-bred.— 1 & nov ch, Miss R Evans’ Jypsophelia; 2, Miss I Gray’s Shaarinah; 3, Icarus. open, mare.— 1, Mrs C Chillingworth’s Kasharima; 2, Misses A Boyle & C Phillips’ Silver Lil; 3, Miss F Evans’ DF Musette. stallion.— 1, Miss S Wrigglesworth’s Plumbum; 2, Mrs A Hedley’s Merlin Ibn Maximo; 3, Ms L Hughes & Mr D Carden’s Patros HB. geld.— 1, ch & sup, Mrs H Hyde-Andrews’ Majestic Cavalier; 2, res & res sup, Mrs G Ayub’s Dreamcatcher; 3, Mrs J Turner’s Hazar Afbana. Anglo/part-bred, open.— 1 & ch, Mrs R Barton’s Okehayes Lord Of The Dance; 2 & res, Mrs L Lidbury’s Turning Point; 3, Mrs M Segre’s Courtland (JP) Fair Change. Midnight Gold (Mrs F Grant-Chivers) mare.— 1, Miss D Ransley’s Red House Zinderella. geld.— 1 & ch, Majestic Cavalier; 2 & res, Dreamcatcher; 3, Mrs J Turner’s Hazar Afbana.

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