The Allen Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Dressage

  • Dressage buffs, pub-quiz legends and wannabe Mastermind champions can’t miss the Encyclopaedia of Dressage. Almost everything you ever wanted to know or verify about the sport can be found in this handy little number; you really can learn a new thing every day.

    The book includes detailed mini biographies of dressage heroes past and present. You are able to track much of the history of the sport and understand the structure of competition at present. Movements, training methods, terms and competition rules are explained — well, at least as far as possible.

    You might also consider buying the encyclopaedia for the supportive and inquisitive granny who repeatedly asks at shows when you’ve only got 10min to warm-up: “What’s half-pass, how do I know if you’ve started and who’s that lovely blonde man?”

    But she might be bitterly disappointed to find that the encyclopaedia does not tell her why the markers round the arena have those particular letters, nor whether you’ve finished and can go home yet.

    If you have anything to do with the sport, this really is a very useful guide to have on your shelf.

    Published by JA Allen (ISBN 0851318878)

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