Studies in Equitation

  • You could fill a skip every week with new equestrian “how-to” manuals with little to recommend them, so it’s a shame that Mr Silverman has had to self-publish this book. It’s a gem for anyone training towards or practising the art of teaching riding.

    Mr Silverman is a wizard with tips on dealing with all types of clients — from captains of industry to the terminally nervous. And there is plenty on how to get your head into gear to prove a useful teacher. There are also all the practical school exercises one might need.

    While content similar to parts of this book is available elsewhere, I don’t think I’ve ever come across such a charming, old-style, “always-put-the-horse-first” guide as Mr Silverman’s. You read this wishing he were your own riding teacher and sage.

    Sadly the presentation and editing may prove a turn-off to many but you really shouldn’t let that stop you getting your hands on this treasure.

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