Royal Windsor Horse Show showing results, 8-11 May

    Riding horse novice.— 1, J Brook’s Elusive II; 2, A Rowbotham’s Regal Lady III; 3, C East-Rigby’s Traemarr Manhattan. small.— 1, D Stennett’s Foxy Formula; 2, P Allpress’s Wolvers Storyteller; 3, J Watts’s Marshbrook Masterpiece. large.— 1 & ch, The Queen’s Petition; 2 & res, A Sherriff’s Broadstone Dolce Vita; 3, L Marsh’s Tranquill Heights. nov hunter lwt.— 1 & ch, J Day’s Hitman; 2, M Tollemarche’s Intuition II; 3, J Carter’s Shakespeare’s Will. hwt.— 1 & res, D Godber’s Rockefeller; 2, Kelanne Stud’s Archdale; 3, E Place’s Red Andes. open hunter lwt.— 1 & ch, A Smurfit’s Bow River; 2, J Dunlop’s Finn McCool III; 3, J Jerram’s Azarax. mwt.— 1, A Hall’s Imperator; 2, V Ramm’s The Star; 3, C Bardo’s Standing Ovation. hwt.— 1 & res, C Bardo’s Silverstream II; 2, Kelanne Stud’s Book Of Kells; 3, L Bell’s Rock Star. sml (J Owen).— 1, C Yates’s First Edition; 2, L Bracey’s Goodwill hunting; 3, Net-Tex Industries Battles Gaunt Lass. ladies.— 1, M Tollemarche’s Intuition II; 2, J Cooper’s Hamish II; 3, D Harris’s Corrie Murphy. coloured pony in-hand.— 1, Pferde Stud’s Picasso; 2, S Hale’s Shybont Mimi Seeku; 3, Mannanan Stud’s Meadowhead Scout. horse.— 1, Bardo & Hughes’s The Humdinger; 2, Macartney & Purcell-White’s Abbottswood Georgie Boy; 3, S Brady’s Looks Like Trouble. ridden coloured horse.— 1, J Skinner’s Jamberoo Jigsaw; 2, R Slinn’s Eurocentres Cleo; 3, F Rider’s The Ascoteer. do pony.— 1, J Windsor-Phillips’s Millpond Look At Me; 2, Pritchard & Maynard’s Brynteg Daffodil; 3, S Robertson’s Designer Label. appaloosa in-hand y’stk.— 1, J Pither’s EBA Wolf Blass; 2, J Pither’s EBA Merlot. 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, J Shakespeare’s Divine Edition; 2 & res. L Halstead’s EBA On The Rocks; 3, S Hadaway’s EBA Sparkling Berkely. do ridden.— 1, L Halstead’s Pinot Noir; 2, W Hattersley’s Yor Spot Doctor. cob lwt.— 1, C Bardo’s Incobnito; 2, S Hinchcliffe’s Cassanova; 3, R Lord’s Blue Moon. hwt.— 1 & ch, C Neame’s So Smart II; 2 & res, L Russell’s Lynx; 3, Andrews & Hyde-Andrew’s Colebrooke. working cob.— 1, H Clubley’s Grigio Fumo; 2, S Cuddy’s The Duke; 3, Blue Moon. WH lwt.— 1 & ch, L Bell’s Cruise Control; 2, J Snedker’s Kenlis Quality; 3, R Underwood’s Sundown. hwt.— 1 & res, J Snedker’s Keep Talking; 2, C Benson’s Beinn Bhan; 3, D Reid-Scott’s Harley Foxtrot. hack nov.— 1, K Hounsom’s Classic Top Totty; 2, C Preston’s High Fidelity; 3, K Marfleet’s Under The Stars. small.— 1 & ch, N Hall’s Take Silk; 2, R Harris’ Pendley Executive; 3, S Church’s Catwalk Little Star. lge.— 1 & res, P Underwood’s Royal Trooper; 2, Mackness & Duncan’s Almost Illegal; 3, S Broom’s Paschal High Flyer. side-saddle.— 1 & 2, C Bardo’s The Philanderer & Carntall; 3, L Jones’ King George. open SP FR.— 1, B Skeet’s Devon Raindance; 2, D Swain’s Milton Pageboy; 3, P Baker-Beall’s Holybush Libretto. LR.— 1 & ch, K Carter’s Chagford Lewis; 2 & res. L Bowen’s Small-Land Hot Spot; 3, A Fowler’s Chaseford Charisma. SP nov 128cm.— 1 & ch, Jago & Carvosso’s Chinook Easter Magic; 2, M Jenkin’s Cot Black Pearl; 3, M Alford’s Pennymore Isadora. 138cm.— 1 & res, Bird & Templeton’s Rhos Elise; 2, M Maybutt’s Pickmere Anser; 3, Evans & Jarrett’s Highmead Hidden Adenda. 148cm.— 1, J Gilcrest’s Tindip Party Time; 2, M Alford’s Renelles Regal Romance; 3, D Thomas’s Hollowmarsh Oliver. open SP 128cm.— 1, Pennymore Isadora; 2, V Windsor-Phillip’s Deanhills Sweet Rhapsody; 3, T Georgakis’s Parkhall First Edition. 138cm.— 1 & res, B Moore’s Beckside First Impression; 2, B Skeet’s Devon Touch Of Class; 3, M Dent’s Kelsborrow Henrietta. 148cm.— 1 & ch, D Lacey’s Radway All Talk; 2, S Kivlochan’s Roseview Limited Edition; 3, T Salter’s Braeglen Masquerade. int SRT 153cm.— 1, Thomas & Jones’s Crafton Touch Of Gold; 2, Tindip Party Time; 3, W Edgar’s Wilderness Carmen. 158cm.— 1, R Harris’s Time Out; 2, H Lang’s Royal Doulton; 3, Thomas & Yates’ Wyndham After Dark. lusitano ridden.— 1, J Peter’s Quilate; 2, J Pendlebury’s Trigueiros; 3, R Aaltonen’s Romeiro. parade.— 1, F Hunt’s Batanero; 2, C Clinkard’s Balastro; 3, S Bull’s Cantinero. BSPS int SHT.— 1, G Twitchett’s Eagle Moor; 2, H Lang’s Master Fin; 3, H Binks’ Captivation. SHP 122cm.— 1, Roberts & Thomas’s Redford Bizzy Bee; 2, L Bowen’s Caridines M’Lord; 3, K Brar’s Brynvane Kestrel. 133cm.— 1 & res, S Andrew’s Rhoden Master Frederick; 2, A Winbourne’s Out Of The Blue; 3, G Holder’s Langage Spring Bubble. 143cm.— 1 & ch, J Findlow’s Ellenbrook Master Plan; 2, S Powell’s Classic Crusader; 3, S Hinchliffe’s Roseberry Serendipity. 153cm.— 1, P Coulstock’s Hamptonne Fair & Square; 2, Miller & Thomas’s CB Esquire; 3, S Powel’s Odins Perfection. WHP NS.— 1, N Hill’s Milton Bellerina; 2, J Gurvidi’s The Black Pearl; 3, J Banks’s Valentine Cadence. 133cm.— 1, A Prince’s Red Robin II; 2, H Parkes’s Gryngallt Pagaent; 3, Ryder-Phillip’s Bunbury Best Man. 143cm.— 1 & ch. Y Dixon’s Johns Choice; 2, S Good’s Knockillaree; 3, D Ward’s Sannan Valley Ovation. 153cm.— 1 & res, S Andrews’ O’Macca; 2, A Skillman’s Carnsdale Vanity Fair; 3, M Watts’ Foxhall Lucky Charm. int WH.— 1, D O’Halloran’s The Navigator II; 2, B Yate’s Sannanvalley Sensation; 3, K Lewis’s Diamond Franco. in-hand, Connemara y’stk.— 1, Lady Vestey’s Castle Fuchsia; 2, Mrs U Wainwright’s Tyan Kings Courtier; 3, Miss E Kampa’s Nyton Master Joker. Welsh sec B do.— 1, H Hird’s Northlight Giorgio; 2, D Smith & A Jones’ Pendock Silver Penny; 3, Chantries Stud’s Bunbury Sultan. Shetland do.— 1, Mrs A Bromwich’s Claife Voyager; 2, Mrs M R Bryant’s Garland’s Gonzo; 3, Mrs S Kerr’s Surestart Moonriver. sec D do.— 1, Mr & Mrs A Booth’s Rainhill Rowena; 2, D Smith & A Jones’ Broughton Jenny Jones; 3, J R Axon’s Martletwy Sir Percy. Connemara snr.— 1, Mrs S Burt’s Walstead Mimosa. sec B do.— 1, Miss V de Quincey’s Erimus Pilkington; 2, Mrs E Payne’s Salthill Arabella; 3, Mrs AJ Whitehall’s Portman’s Pirate. Shetland do.— 1, Meliver Stud’s Sam Of Quimper; 2, Mesdames Pickett & Sargeant’s Champlers Rosebud; 3, Mrs A Bromwich’s Buckland Oliver. sec D do.— 1, Miss M A Edwards’ Pwellmelin Micky; 2, Miss J Seaman’s Danaway lady Maxine; 3, Mr & Mrs B Southey’s Beanoak Perfect Moment. sec C y’stk.— 1, Mr & Mrs G Cooper’s Rivervalley Storm; 2, Mr & Mrs PJ Keyte’s Oakmill Lysander; 3, Miss B Billson & P Cooper’s Laurtom Maverick. New Forest do.— 1, Mr & Mrs P Armitage’s Willoway Madeleine; 2, Mr & Mrs S Andree-Parsons’ Sabinas Gold Dust; 3, Miss C McKinlay’s Cocas Hotpants. Dartmoor do.— 1, Mrs E Arnold’s Vean Night Owl; 2, Mrs S Williams’ Moortown Honey; 3, Mr & Mrs J Sheehy’s Matilda II. sec A do.— 1, H Hird’s Waxwing Milktray; 2, Mrs S J Welshtman’s Southwaite Carmen; 3, Mrs V Mardon’s Ronswood Sunita. sec C snr.— 1, Mrs C Fell’s Parvadean delight; 2, Miss B Billson & P Cooper’s Leyeswick The Geezer. Dales do.— 1 & ch, Sunglow Stud’s Sunglow Philomena; 2, Mrs S Atherden’s Castle Hill Flash; 3, Miss PJ Anderson’s Morlandsdale Miranda. Dartmoor do.— 1, Mrs J Barton’s Moortown Honeyman; 2, Miss F L Cunningham’s Stourton Boswell; 3, Mrs B Yallop’s Kilbees Stud Emma. sec A do.— 1, Mrs D Barr’s Fosterhouses Philander; 2, Mrs C Fell’s Gleinant Circus; 3, Mrs Y Affleck’s Mr Jones. Fell do.— 1, Mrs J Jordan’s Llanclody Gabriel; 2, Mrs J Hill’s Shirdley Hill Tara; 3, Miss W Davies’ ffethi Commodore. New Forest do.— 1, Mr & Mrs S Andree-Parsons’ Sabinas Gold Sovereign; 2, Mrs MJ Richards’ Wootton Candytuft; 3, MJM Team’s Applewitch Magister. Exmoor.— 1, Miss V C Evans’ Galaxy Capricorn; 2, Miss SJ Allen’s Bemborough Kestrel; 3, Dr CJ Wilson’s Bemborough Javelin. Highland y’stk.— 1 & 2, The Queen’s Balmoral Bluebell & Balmoral Moorland; 3, Hirstmund Stud’s Sancerre Of Hirstmund. snr.— 1, Miss D Barfield’s Glenwestcastle Little Miss Thyme; 2, The Queen’s Balmoral Big Ben; 3, Mrs D Cunningham Reid’s Balleroy Maverick. NPS/TopSpec M&M WHP 122cm.— 1 & ch, Moortown Honeyman; 2, Mrs J Suffling’s Briars Amaretto; 3, Miss J Barnett’s Skywood Hi-Mac. 138cm.— 1, Mr & Mrs N Boyles’ Wortley Grenadier; 2, Miss F Goodsir’s Falfield Silver Slipper; 3, Mrs J Guy’s Kiltinane Rufus. exc 138cm.— 1 & res, Mrs G Taverner’s Ddeusant Dymuniad; 2, Mrs J Lodwidge’s Bakeburn Romeo; 3, Mr & Mrs S Andree-Parsons’ Sabinas Gold Nuggett. Baileys Olympia, Connemara, New Forest.— 1, Mrs E & Miss A Kelly’s Walstead Hunny Bear; 2, Miss A Smith’s Cashelbay Joe; 3, Ms S Carpenter’s Willoway Lord of the Rings. Dales, Fell, Highland.— 1 & res, Hirstmund Stud’s Brungrange Steffanie; 2, Castle Hill Flash; 3, Mrs V A Hawkins-Smith’s Kilmannan Kilty. sec B/C.— 1, Waxwing Rheel; 2, Mrs S Fitzgerald’s Laithehill Czar; 3, Mrs L Bates’ Muskerry Blue Danube. Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, sec A.— 1 & ch, Mrs L Stewart’s Waitwith Connie; 2, Mrs M Alford’s Waxwing Paintbox; 3, Mrs D Barr’s Waitwith Westwind.

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