Roland Thompson’s blog: nags and nails — a farrier’s apprentice

  • Roland Thompson is a 39-year-old former software company director, who is retraining as a farrier. He started his apprenticeship in January 2011. He is going to be sharing the highs and lows of the his training and life working alongside a farrier in the south west.

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    Week 14: busy times as the sun shines [18 April, 2011]

    Week 13: appropriate attire and blaming your tools [11 April, 2011]

    Week 12: another week, another knee trembler… [4 April, 2011]

    Week 11: a little knowledge and some experience [28 March, 2011]

    Week 10: final week of my first college block [21 March, 2011]

    Week nine: teaching an old dog new tricks [14 March, 2011]

    Week eight: going back to school [7 March, 2011]

    Week seven: rubbing shoulders with some of the best [28 February, 2011]

    Week six: handling horses and getting a spanking! [21 February, 2011]

    Week five: aching muscles soothed by tea and biscuits [14 February, 2011]

    Week four: blood blisters and canine assistants [8 February, 2011]

    Week three: discovering my disco legs [31 January, 2011]

    Week two: enjoying the sleep of the just [24 January, 2011]

    Week one as a farrier’s apprentice [17 January, 2011]

    Meet Roland Thompson [10 January, 2011]

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