One Hundred Ways a Horse is Better Than a Human

  • The third in a series that also includes One Hundred Ways for a Horse to Train its Human and One Hundred Ways to Live with a Horse Addict, this little book is clearly designed for female horselovers.

    Its gems of observations on just why horses are a better option than the male of our species include “Horses look to you to take the leadership role in the relationship and are really happy when you do” and “If your horse is on bed rest, you can occupy him with hay and leave him to amuse himself”.

    It’s certainly an amusing read, perhaps a little harsh on the long-suffering men in our lives, but all done in good humour. It’s not quite as rib-ticklingly funny as the previous two books, but is nevertheless an excellent stocking filler for its price.

    Published by Hodder & Stoughton, ISBN 9780340943526

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