On the sixth day of Christmas . . .

  • While your equine partner would probably prefer to receive a bag of carrots on Christmas morning, instead of a new pair of protective boots, they are a “useful” present which may prevent an unfortunate injury.

    HHO brings you a selection of gifts on this theme, ideally suited to “practical” individuals, who are more interested in their horses than themselves.

    Jeffries knee boots

    Keep your horse’s knees protected during frosty winter hacks with these easy to use knee caps, which had a leather strap at the bottom of the boot to help keep it in place and offer maximum protection. Cost around £65. Contact (tel: 01922 642222)

    Woof Wear brushing boots

    Thermoform shell technology (TFS) combines lightweight, flexible and shock absorbing materials which are moulded together to offer a good fit and high levels of protection. Cost around £33. Contact (tel: 01208 262417)

    John Whitaker jumping boots

    These smart and practical boots offer maximum protection and comfort. The boots are neoprene lined and are machine washable. The tendon bosts costs around £35 while the fetlock boots are around £20. Contact (tel: 01706 340500)

    Equilibrium Stretch and Flex exercise boots

    Made from breathable “Stomatex” these boots are perfect for flatwork, ofering protection while allowing the horse to move without restriction. They are practical, lightweight and easiy to fit. Cost around £30. Contact (tel: 01296 682681)

    Professional Choice quick-wrap bell boots

    These quality neoprene over-reach boots offer excellent shock-absorbing protection to the heel and coronet area of the hoof. An ideal choice for all types of jumping. Cost around £50. Contact (tel: 01568 613600)

    Clarendon three-day event boots

    Similar in style to the company’s classic competition/event boot, but with extra padding and a neoprene lining, these boots are ideal for cross country riding, when water will be involved. Both front and hind styles include the classic Clarendon elasticated strap and stainless steel hook fastenings. Cost around £65 for front boots and £69 for hind boots. Contact (tel: 01825 733361).

    NB: The boots featured are available in a range of colours and styles. For further information contact the manufacturer/distributor on the telephone number listed.

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