On the eighth day of Christmas . . .

  • As the wind and rain howls outside the window, curling up in front of the fire with a good book never felt more appealing. With a wide range of informative books available this Christmas, why not help a friend extend their knowledge by giving them a great read.

    HHO’s selection of eight books has something suitable for every equestrian enthusiast, so choose the most relevant to give to a friend, or treat yourself.

    Yoga for Equestrians

    This book is an ideal gift for riders interested in a holistic approach to riding and who are keen to improve control of their body in order to make riding a more pleasurable and successful experience for themselves and their horse.

    Suitable for individuals who have never tried yoga, as well as those who practise it regularly, the book covers a range of posture and breathing exercises, including exercises which can be done while mounted, as well as warming up and cooling down routines.

    Written by Linda Benedik and Veronica Wirthm, this book is available in a glossy paperback and retails for £18.95.

    High on Horses

    This coffee table-style book is packed with beautiful photography of horses in their wild and domesticated state, but unlike some disappointing selections of equine imagery, American photographer Nicole Clare Emanuel’s work successfully captures those beautiful and often intimate moments between horse and rider.

    This hardbacked book really will take your breath away with its beauty and richness and is a present that every lover of the horse would be delighted to receive. Available in hardback at £19.95.

    Race to the Finish

    “Race to the Finish – The Life and Times of Fred Archer” is a fasinating biography of a man who enjoyed unparalleled success, including being champion jockey 12 times between 1874 and 1886, but whose life was marred by tragedy and ended in suicide.

    Amanda Murray’s account recreates the fascinating world of racing in the 19th century and is an ideal present for racing enthusiasts, as well as individuals who enjoys a good read. Available in hardback at £16.95.

    The Injured Horse

    In her latest book, equine physiotherapist Amanda Sutton explains to horse owners practical hands-on methods for managing and treating common injuries, which horses invariable suffer at some time in their lives. She begins by explaining the cycle of events that take place where a horse injures itself as well as methods of diagnosis, treatment and aftercare.

    The real life case studies explore the process of treating an injured horse and how to achieve recovery to full health and soundness. A must for every horseowners bookshelf, it is available in hardback at £19.99.

    Showing Secrets

    An ideal gift for any showing enthusiast, Carolyn Henderson’s ultimate guide to showing horses and ponies collects advice from top showing producers and judges and provides it to the reader in a format which is easy to follow and understand.

    Covering the full range of showing classes from hacks and hunters to show and working hunter ponies, this book has something for every individual wishing to improve their success in the ring. Available in hardback at £25.00.

    Complete Horse Care Manual

    A useful reference guide, which would be an ideal gift for the first-time horse owner, this clearly written book is well illustrated and carries up-to-date advice on all aspects of horse care.

    Written by leading equine vet Colin Vogel, it covers a wide range of topics from equine physiology to general care, includes the needs of the stabled and field-kept horse. Feeding, health and advice on buying a horse are also covered. Available in hardback at £15.99.

    The Simplicity of Dressage

    Top dressage trainer Johann Hinnemann and his successful pupil Coby van Baalen explain the six “simple” basics of their training method in this book, which also puts great emphasis on the welfare and happiness of the horse.

    Each of the six elements are explained individually to form a clear and logical process to improve any horse’s way of going and enable talented partnerships to reach the highest levels. A great gift for any dressage rider, it is available in hardback at £19.99.

    101 Jumping Exercises for Horse and Rider

    Once you get past Linda L Allen’s American terminology, this book is packed with useful exercises and advice to improve the jumping performance on every horse and rider, regardless of ability or experience, making it perfect for anyone who jumps regularly.

    Starting from basic ground pole exercises, which are suitable for horses and riders of all levels, the book moves on to grid work of gradually increasing difficulty as well as exercises to improve horse and rider’s technique around a course of fences.

    Common problems are highlighted throughout the book and exercises to cope with specific challenges included. Available in hardback at £17.99.

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