Nottinghamshire & Leicestershire Spring showing results, 26 April

  • WHP novice (Mrs P Barfield, Mrs L Gaunt) int.— 1 & ch, D Watchorn’s Marshall Spinney; 2, S Moult’s Cadee Z; 3, T Spencer’s Miss Scarlett. 153cm.— 1, J Brindley’s Beechfield Bacardi; 2, R Taylor’s Welton Daddy’s Girl; 3, E Hughes’ Dun For Fun III. 143cm.— 1 & res, L Boulton’s Pebbly Pipe Dream; 2, P Watson’s Midnight Belle; 3, D Watchorn’s Good Friday. 133cm.— 1, L Hingley’s Millcroft Dow Jones; 2, J Croft’s Westfirle Mr McGregor; 3, S Rogers’ Loose Change III. NS.— 1, Millcroft Dow Jones; 2, J Robinson’s Gwynisle Masterpiece; 3, C Mawby’s Sprite. CS.— 1, Sprite; 2, L Hingley’s Friars Welsh Punch; 3, A Prince’s Guinness Pure Genius. WHP (Mrs R Hetherington & Mrs C McCullagh) int.— 1, M Canter’s Galley Hill; 2, Cadee Z; 3, L Greenwood’s Warren Dolly Mixture. 153cm.— 1 & res, R Barker’s Hookey Bold Rover; 2, P Watson’s Bonny H; 3, B Brindley’s Fortunes Calimare. 143cm.— 1, R Leavsley’s Carnsdale Mighty Mouse; 2, Good Friday; 3, K Smith’s Glengoogle Boy. 133cm.— 1 & ch, A Boyle’s My Blue Eyed Boy; 2, J Aldred’s Pebbly Fairy Tale; 3, J Parkes’ Gryngallt Pageant. NS.— 1, J Robinson’s Gwynisle Masterpiece; 2, A Headley’s Dryll Sandpiper; 3, J Aldred’s Pebbly Fairytale. SHP (Mrs J Bettaney, Miss J Grummitt) LR.— 1 & mini ch, S McMullan’s Templedruid Hypericon; 2, L Vincent’s Rosedale Tamorino; 3, L Reed’s Pumphill Vicheebel. FR.— 1 & res, S Flavell’s Hollybush Trumpcard. 122cm.— 1, A Hunt’s Uppacott Xtravaganza; 2, Hollybush Trumpcard; 3, J Stacey’s Nevaddparc Magician. 133cm.— 1, L Burnip’s Antoinette’s Catamount; 2, Westfirle Mr McGregor. 143cm.— 1 & res, A Hunt’s Schumacher; 2, M Sigsworth’s Crimson Moonlight; 3, K Short’s Chinook Paprika. 153cm.— 1 & ch, S & C Field-Valentine’s Bardene Mr Valentine; 2, G Campion’s Conkiel Glenamaddy; 3, R O’Brien’s Impulse. int.— 1, S Garside’s Red Dawn; 2, C Murray’s Escada; 3, Rosettes Direct’s In Tune. mixed ht nov.— 1, K Marriot-Payne’s Davkaster Sidney Of Warleigh. M&M (Mr D Hinde) small.— 1, M Alford’s Waxwing Paintbox; 2, Mrs Whitefield’s Rosemarche Huckleberry; 3, S Fitzgerald’s Parkbourne Piper. Welsh sec B/C.— 1 & res, D Mindel’s Newtonhill Prince Bertie; 2, Shuttleworth & Leeming’s Waxwing Thumbs Up; 3, S Schofield’s Maenan Captain Corelli. New Forest, Connemara.— 1, J Blake’s The Banjo; 2, L Mitchell’s Stockwell; 3, L Mewse’s Wayland Lion Heart. lge.— 1 & ch, C Murray’s Ffoslas The Fox; 2, S Ambler’s Llanarth Welsh Dragon; 3, M Reeves’ Ffoslas Ceredig. FR.— 1 & mini res, L Reed’s Tamfvalley Black Jack; 2, V Spibey’s Rydyfelin Serch; 3, K Bates’ Briars Amarilla. FR.— 1 & ch, Waxwing Thumbs Up; 2, H Tansy’s Uppacott Marjon; 3, Briars Amarilla. SP (Mrs M Cartlidge, Mrs C Hyde) int sml.— 1, C Twiston-Davies’ Whalton Highlight; 2, R Hulbert’s Rotherwood Peep O; 3, K Vines’ Lestarswood Admiration. lge.— 1, S Schofield’s Royal Angel; 2, C McGoldrick’s Prince Bishop; 3, T Goodyear’s Whinchats Prickly Bay. mixed ht nov.— 1, K Gibbard’s Warleigh Damasque; 2, C Redgate’s Seamoor Catkin. 148cm.— 1 & ch, Mrs Craven’s Rivenhall Last Waltz; 2, S Flavell’s Moorbank Fabian. 138cm.— 1, Warleigh Damasque; 2, M Jennings’ Rhos Virtuoso; 3, M Calderbeck’s Duntarvie Catnap. 128cm.— 1 & res, Rocks’ Kouros Sapphire; 2, J Stacey’s Cnapaton Toytown; 3, A Hunt’s Kolbeach Hollys Fire. LR.— 1 & mini ch, S McMullan’s Barkway Moonwalk; 2, H Barton’s West Leake Sophistication; 3, Jackson & Evans’ Netherfield Olivine. FR.— 1 & res, Rocks’ Cosford Mellilza; 2, P Forrest’s Tindip Midas Gold; 3, S Flavell’s Romany River Olivia. Pretty Polly (Mrs D Gregson) FR.— 1, Tindip Midas Gold; 2, Romany River Olivia; 3, Cosford Mellilza. LR.— 1 & res, N Worthington-French’s Roselle Rebecca; 2, A Maltby’s Sweet Harmony; 3, Romany River Olivia. mx ht SHP.— 1, K Gordon-Burgess’ Gryngallt Primrose; 2, Westfirle Mr McGregor; 3, Kouros Sapphire. mx ht SHP.— 1 & ch, Bardene Mr Valentine; 2, Cornkeif Glenamaddy; 3, M Sigsworth’s Crimson Moonlight. mx ht SP.— 1, Cnapaton Toytown; 2, J Glover’s Westhill Blue Moon; 3, K Gillot’s Kingsford Sweet Story. associate (Mrs C Hyde) sml hunter.— 1 & ch, D Curtis’ Beau Magic; 2, C Murray’s Escada; 3, R Painter’s Special FX. hunter.— 1, A Drabble’s Middleman. riding horse.— 1, S Emmerson’s Simply Gifted. hack.— 1, L Bramhall’s Blue Night. part-bred Arab (Mrs C Hyde) 148cm.— 1 & res, Rotherwood Peep O; 2, J Glover’s Westhill Blue Moon; 3, Rhos Virtuoso. exc 148cm.— 1 & ch, Lestarswood Admiration; 2, J Beirne’s Odins Profession; 3, L Bramhall’s Blue Night. premier league (Miss H Cook) SHP.— 1, N Grooby’s Thistledown Galahad; 2, A Hunt’s Bentleys Courvosieur Blue Royle; 3, W Weatherby’s Elliott Surprise. SP.— 1, Rhos Virtuoso; 2, Mrs Calderbeck’s Duntarvie Catnap; 3, M Ely’s Stanley Grange Flutes. LR SHT.— 1 & ch, R Hulbert’s Carilenes Little Lord; 2, L Vincent’s Rosedale Tamarnlo; 3, E Hawthorne’s Cadlan Valley Chloe. FR.— 1, E Burbank’s Carnsdale Rockstar. FR.— 1, Tindip Midas Gold; 2, Romany River Olivia; 3, N Grooby’s Addington Lucky Charm. LR.— 1 & res, P Jackson’s Orielton Diana; 2, Romany River Olivia.

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