North Ledbury P-to-P

Maisemore Park, Monday, 1 May (Good to Firm Firm in places)

1195. Hunt Members, 12st

1 The Brooklet (Alderbrook) (Andy Hobbs) A Wintle
2 Double Thatch (IRE) (Gillian Pritchard) Julian Pritchard
3 Rathcoole Dancer (IRE) (Andy Hobbs), 5x, 7a, fav Adam Brown

Also: King’s Hero (IRE) (4), Lowland Lane (IRE) (5), Ashgar (USA) (re), Montys Tan (IRE) (ro). 7 ran. 7l, 8l, 25l, 21/2fncs. 6min 36.2s. SP: 7-1. (North Ledbury).

1196. Ladies Open, 11st

1 The Wee Bishop (IRE) (Religiously (USA)) (Julie Houldey), fav Miss C Allen
2 Joyeux Royal (FR) (Chloe Roddick) Miss C Roddick
3 Springbrook Girl (Andy Hobbs), 7a Miss P Gundry

Also: Lord Castle (IRE) (4). 4 ran. 6l, 8l, 12l. 6min 37.0s. SP: 1-2. (Berkeley).

1197. Restricted, 12st

1 Scuttlebrook (IRE) (Glacial Storm (USA)) (Joanne Paddock), 7a M Wall
2 Dicks Dream (IRE) (Julie Houldey), fav Miss C Allen
3 Youwoudhavethat (IRE) (Michael Hammond), 7a Julian Pritchard

Also: Montys Tan (IRE) (4), Western Frontier (IRE) (5), bl, James Pine (IRE) (pu), Money Crazy (FR) (pu), Phatic (IRE) (pu), Roberta Back (IRE) (pu), 7a, Rosemead Tye (ur), 7a, Shambob (pu), Supreme Presence (IRE) (pu), 7a, Twenty To Eight (pu), Willy Furnley (IRE) (pu). 14 ran. hd, 25l, 4l, 5l. 6min 32.2s. SP: 9-2. (North Cotswold).

1198. Volkswagen Touareg Mens Open, 12st

1 Un Jour A Vassy (FR) (Video Rock (FR)) (Marilyn Scudamore), 7x, fav A Ralph
2 Beadnell Bay (John Dufosee) J Snowden
3 Mr Banker (Nicholas Bush) H Fowler

Also: Bacardi Boy (IRE) (4), Supreme Priority (IRE) (5), School Fields (ro), 7a. 6 ran. 5l, 10l, 1l, runin. 6min 38.4s. SP: 1-2. (Croome & West Warwickshire).

1199. Intermediate, 12st

1 Rio Pops (Broadsword (USA)) (John Dufosee), 7a, fav R Bliss
2 Raka King (Jonathan De Giles) Freddie de Giles
3 Dorset Fern (IRE) (Emma James), 7a Miss L Brooke

Also: Finne Gaoithe (IRE) (4), 7a, Orient Bay (IRE) (ur), bl, Sherbourne Guest (IRE) (pu), bl. 6 ran. 11/4l, 12l, 4l. 6min 38.8s. SP: 10-11. (Blackmore & Sparkford Vale).

1200. Open Maiden 8yo+, 12st

1 Back To Nature (IRE) (Zaffaran (USA)) (Grace Muir), fav R McCarthy
2 Kelnik Glory (Marie Marfell) R Hodges
3 Tappingthecoffin (Jon Trice-Rolph) J Trice-Rolph

Also: Suzy Spitfire (4), 7a, Teeton Cavalier (5), Billy Whitelies (IRE) (6), But Me No Buts (pu), Godfrey (IRE) (pu), Mytabean (pu), 7a. 9 ran. 3/4l, 4l, 10l, 12l, hd. 6min 46.1s. SP: 11-10. (Vine & Craven).

1201. Open Maiden (Div 1) 56&7yo, 12st

1 Maire de Beaulieu (FR) (Roi de Rome (USA)) (Katie Baimbridge), fav Julian Pritchard
2 Black Leopard (IRE) (Matthew Hooper) M Hooper
3 Pretty Lady Rose (Mark Wall), 7a M Wall

Also: Cheekee Bee (pu), 7a, Where’s Arnie (pu), v, 7a. 5 ran. 15l, 15l. 6min 40.4s. SP: 1-2. (North Ledbury).

1202. Open Maiden (Div 2) 56&7yo, 12st

1 Young Boss (Primitive Rising (USA)) (Dick Baimbridge), fav G Barfoot-Saunt
2 Mynewpartner (IRE) (Stan Turner) J Mahot
3 Elizafitz (USA) (Victoria Price), 7a S Gray

Also: Keen And Easy (ro), 7a. 4 ran. 25l, 11/2fncs. 6min 50.7s. SP: 8-11. (Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent).

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