2 Oct: HOYS Grade C Champ Welcome Stakes 1, Croft Loretta (M Marsh); 2, Sunboy (P Barker); 3, Nicolette II (J Whitaker); 4, Retreat’s Oakey Doakey (J Robertson); 5, Tropicana (V Whitaker) Hoys Grade C Championship 1, Tropicana; 2, Ashdale Futuro (D Quigley); 3, Be Nimble (S Gibson); 4, Anderida Polydora (J Annett); 5, Royal Recruit (N Timworth); 6, Kelly De La Roche (P Spivey). 128cm & 138cm Championship Welcome Stakes 1, Lakeland Little Cracker (R Cottam); 2, Magical Miss (T Wratten); 3, Bowes Charlie Brown (L Hutt); 4, Miss Nancy (O Griffiths); 5, Little Bobby (H Arnold); 6, Corralass (C Mowbray). 128cm Championship 1, Corralass; 2, Stainsby Starburst (J Reveley); 3, Magic Shadow (O Hilliard); 4, J’Junior (L Saywell);5, Fontmale Rasputin (H Skelton); 6, Proud Flyer (J Whittaker)The Babes Horses 138cm Championship 1, Mystic Starlite Express (W Whitaker); 2, Strawberry Fair III (P Dobby); 3, Millroad Rusty (P Sims); 4, Ashbrook Lad (H Arnold); 5, Fielden’s Tamerind (P Neill); 6, Magical Miss (T Wratten) The Great Leighs Senior Newcomers Championship Welcome Stakes 1, Bog Diamond (B Smith); 2, Retreat’s Uppercut (C Robertson); 3, Landmark Legac Y (P Crago); 4, Kelly De La Roche (P Spivey); 5, Cavallo (P Tuckwell) The Great Leighs Senior Newcomers Championship1, Lakeland Gold Diamond (S Buckley); 2, Spring Green (T Fletcher); 3, Niagra B (D Morton); 4, Kelly De La Roche; 5, Otage (P Cornish); 6, Ashdale Spirit (D Quigley).

3 Oct: Squibb &Davies Jnr Foxhunter Welcome Stakes 1, New York Skyline (L Pavitt); 2, Zeemax (S Martin); 3, Girl’s Knight (P Howard); 4, New York Blues (L Pavitt); 5, Myrahs Samson (H Henslar).Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter Champ 1, New York Blues (L Pavitt); 2, Hock I (K Bowman); 3, Birchgrove Lad (R Prater); 4, Zeemax (S Martin); 5, Mr James Blond (M Russell); 6, Kinetic II (E Whitaker). HOYS Welcome Stakes 1, Larius (G Dickens); 2, Flyte (G Cashmore); 3, Gentle Breeze (D Morton); 4, Celtic Manor Euphoria USA (G Granton); 5, Merifields Starstruck (J Popely); 6, Deal Exchange III (G Cashmore). Young Riders Champ Of Great Britain 1, Virtual Village Randi (R Whitaker); 2, Florie Du Moulin (J Davenport); 3, Honnie (R Power); 4, Granada (L Williams); 5, Skyfly (R Hill); 6, Celtic Manor Euphoria (G Granton). Thomas Bates & Son 7-y-o Champ 1, It’s Magic Max (K Shore); 2, Merfifields Starstruck (J Popely); 3, Carlucci 9 (D Lampard); 4, Franklyns Flyte (G Cashmore); 5, Chain Reaction (D Morton); 6, Watch Me (M Armstrong).

4 Oct: H&H Foxhunter Champs Welcome Stakes 1, Rinette (A-M Clarke); 2, Norlando (L Hales); 3, Jarva (D Charles); 4, Frogshill (J Piper); 5, Spring Green (T Fletcher); 6, Temple Croesus (J Whitaker). H&H Foxhunter Champ1, Mondriaan (W Funnell);2, Ashdale Futuro (D Quigley);3, Montedan (T Stockdale);4, It’s Magic Max (K Shore);5, Carlucci 9 (D Lampard);6, Gemini De Terlong (J Popely).The Daewoo Championship1, Prince Of Wales (BTwomey);2, Amber Du Montois (W Funnell);3, Mr Springfield (R Smith);4, Barry Bug (G Glazzard);5, Cullawn Diamond (J Annett);6, Feeling Fine Too (S Wild);Grandstand Media Cup1, Kalusha (R Smith);2, Brookend Fuehrer (J Renwick);3, Hunters Level (J Whitaker);4, Mistery Forever (D Hendrickx) BEL;5, Barry Bug (G Glazzard);6, Izaura (R Bril) HOL.The Dick Turpin Stakes1, Phin Phin (R Bril) HOL;2, Millbrook (J Renwick);3, Claydons Phoenix (R Power);4, Caresino (H Luther) GER;5, St Honore Liquido (J Guerra) MEX;6, Glenwood Springs (T Stockdale).

5 Oct: Aon 6-y-o Champ Welcome Stakes1, Monsigenor (W G Turner);2, Macepark Velsk (G Barton);3, Naomi III (S Davies);4, Nicolette II (C Whitaker);5, Aqua (S Davies).Aon 6-Y-O Championship 1, Macepark Velsk (G Barton); 2, Ashdale Spirit (D Quigley); 3, Ban Diamond (J Annett); 4, She Is The Rose Of Tralee (M Edgar); 5, Redhill Manta (M Thompson); 6, Ackworth Eclipse (V Roberts). Horseware Ireland Rambo Cup 1, Hunters Level (J Whitaker); 2, Luidam (J Popely); 3, Debutante (L Edgar); 4, Kor II (R Bril) HOL; 5, Contendra (D Lampard); 6, Brookend Fuehrer (J Renwick). The Dengie Fibrefeeds Stakes 1, Kalusha (R Smith); 2, Give Me Remus (B Twomey); 3, Leadman (C Huis In’t Veld) HOL; 4, First Samuel (M Whitaker); 5, Warren (M Armstrong); 6, Lord Liberty W (R Whitaker). Saffron International Knock Out 1, Barry Bug (G Glazzard); 2, Ephesia (J Whitaker); =3, Gamble (ADavies); =3, Randi (R Whitaker); =5, Mistery Forever (D Hendrickx) BEL; =5, Glenwood Springs (T Stockdale); =5, Millbrook (J Renwick); =5, Outer Limit (J Guerra) MEX. Equestria.Net Leading Show Jumper of the Year 1, Abbervail Dream (D Lampard); 2, Mr Springfield (R Smith); 3, Jerome (C Hanley) IRE; 4, Caresino (H Luther) GER; 5, Bit More Candy (C Edwards); 6, Calvaro FCS (J Whitaker).

6 Oct: Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers Welcome Stakes 1, Little Irish Clover (J Clark); 2, Lakeland Little Cracker (R Cottam); 3, New York Blues (L Pavitt); 4, Birchgrove Lad (R Prater); 5, Applejax Mr Ed (D Smith). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers Champs 1, Weavers Legacy (T Shearer); 2, T-Adh-Leis (S Ballard); 3, Willow Park Skywalker (E Darnbrough); 4, Koh-I-Nor Diamond (S Braithwaite); 5, Myrahs Samson (H Henslar); 6, Scarlet Adventure (C S Saunders). The Dengie Fibremixes Cup 1, Millbrook (J Renwick); 2, Rodrigo (C Hanley) IRE; 3, Mistery Forever (D Hendrickx) BEL; 4, Gold Run II (T Hayashi) JAP; 5, Watch Me (M Armstrong); 6, Twostep (B Twomey). Xerox Business Services Cup 1, Handal (M Whitaker); 2, Randi (R Whitaker); 3, Debutante (L Edgar); 4, Caresino (H Luther) GER; 5, Luwanda Of The Lowlands (E Alexander) AUS; 6, Cloudy Night (C Hanley) IRE. The International Jumping Stakes 1, Captain Wellington (A Davies); 2, First Samuel (M Whitaker); 3, Caracas K (H Luther) GER; 4, Give Me Remus (B Twomey); 5, Elise (M Armstron); 6, True Hero (R Bevis). The Puissance 1, Wiston Bridget(T Stockdale); 2, Prince Of Wales (B Twomey); =3, John Renwick (D Meeds); =3, Bambuk (C Collins); =3, Manfred (J Whitaker); =3, Cobretti (L Van Heyningen); =3, True Hero (R Bevis); =3, Eperlan Du Fouquet (D Lampard).

7 Oct: Paul Fabrications Leading Jnr SJ of the Year Welcome Stakes1, Mystery Music (E Doherty); 2, New York Spritzer (L Pavitt); 3, Batman II (L Whitehouse); 4, Desert Queen (S Upton); 5, Loobeen Shamrock (K Shaw); 6, Quayside Caution (G Plumley). Paul Fabrications Leading Jnr SJ of the Year 1, Colton Maelstrom (M Beaumont); 2, Miami Bound (E Whitaker); 3, Meadowcroft Minstrel (L Riley); 4, CJ’s Kemosabi (S Jefferies); 5, Master Bill (J Marshall); 6, New York Skyline (L Pavitt). Martin Collins Venue of Legends1, Izaura (R Bril) HOL; 2, Debutante (L Edgar); 3, Katerina (C Bronfman) USA; 4, Luwanda Of The Lowlands (E Alexander) AUS; 5, Limbo (A Davies); 6, Kalusha (R Smith). Speed Horse of the Year 1, Brookend Fuehrer (J Renwick); 2, Give Me Remus (B Twomey); 3, Hunters Level (J Whitaker); 4, Phin Phin (R Bril) HOL; 5, Mistery Forever (D Hendrickx) BEL; 6, Glenwood Springs (T Stockdale). Osborne Refrigerators Celebrity Hurry Scurry 1, Sebastian & Coe (J Marson)/C Hanley/L Harvey; 2, Rhubarb & Custard (C Corby)/B Twomey/R Dunwoody; 3, Zig & Zag (J Osborne)/J Whitaker/C Llewellyn; 4, Peaches & Cream (I Williams)/R Whitaker/J Frost; 5, Fine & Dandy (J Marson)/C Hanley/L Cochrane; 6, Pieces & Razzle (D Matthews)/D Lampard/C Maude. Equestria.Net Grand Prix 1, Caresino (H Luther) GER; 2, Elise (M Armstrong); 3, Jerome (C Hanley) IRE; 4, Calvaro FCS (J Whitaker); 5, Mr Springfield (R Smith); 6, Abbervail Dream (D Lampard).