Horse: How the Horse has Changed Civilisation

  • At first glance, I was a little unsure about this book – the cover image is very dark and almost sinister – although quite ‘arty’. However, once I began reading, I found the content fascinating. It’s quite a serious read, so not one for lighthearted entertainment, but the amount of information and education it provides is impressive.

    The author charts the history of the horse and the huge role it has played in our own development through the ages. Chapters are devoted to hunting, farming, transport, war and the contribution of horses to the great civilisations of the world. The final section focuses on the spirit of the animal, which shifts the book from history text through to more personal tales.

    The great thing about this book is that it is truly suitable for horselovers, rather than specifically riders, or even those devoted to a specific discipline. It will be a relevant piece of reading for anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of just what horses have contributed to the life we know today, in years gone by.

    Published by Signal Books, ISBN 9781904955368

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