Herron to receive specialist care

  • Event rider David Herron, who was seriously injured at Burgie International Horse Trials in June, is to be moved to Hunter’s Moor Hospital in Newcastle, which has a dedicated unit for treating patients with serious head injuries, to speed his recovery.

    David was immediately rushed to hospital after the accident in which his horse collapsed on him and a scan revealed no brain damage, although he remained in a coma for several weeks.

    He has now started to open his eyes, move his arms and legs and show signs of recognising visitors, giving his family and friends hope that his recovery is well underway.

    A support group has been set up to fundraise for anything he may need during his convalescence once he is out of hospital.

    Dorothy Jackson, a founder member of Friends of David, told HHO: “David is a warm, lovely young man, and when he had his accident, many of us tried to think what we could do to help.

    “His family has been very supportive. I think they are touched, and we have been receiving emails from all over the country as people find out about the fund.”

    To raise money for the fund, a hog roast is planned for the end of August, as well as a pledge auction in October, and a lecture in the New Year.

    “It’s really a way of planning for the future,” says Dorothy.

    “We are keen to encourage other people to get involved. We see ourselves as co-ordinators of the fundraising more than anything else.”

    For more information about Friends of David, contact Dorothy on (tel: 01670 772445).