Going Home

  • H&H reviews Going Home by Jim Meads

    “JIM MEADS tells me that this is his last book of hunting photographs. At 77, he is hanging up his boots, putting away his camera and ‘going home’.”

    Thus reported the Prince of Wales in a glowing foreword to Going Home, Jim’s fifth book displaying his remarkable collection, and his reminiscences of the life in the hunting field he adored.

    Near the end of such an extraordinary career, this book is justifiably autobiographical. It is also another remarkable record of the hunting field’s diversity throughout the UK and the American scene, where Jim won a warm following late in his career.

    His great love for the sport, its people, its hounds and horses, shines from the pictures which are testimony to his physical endurance as well as his technical skills. He has always prided himself on running across country in the wake of hounds, whether they are mounted or foot packs. Those of us lucky to have hunted with Jim know that at the heart of his art is a remarkable gift for making friends in every hunt he visits.

    Many pictures convey the impression of being right in the middle of the action. Others exploit the beautiful settings in which so much hunting occurs. Jim has a wonderful feel for the countryside as well as the sport that it hosts.

    Published by Quiller. ISBN: 9781846890413

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