Fireworks blamed for horse’s death

  • Noise from fireworks is being blamed for the death of two horses in Hampshire

    The two geldings, eight-year-old Ross, a 16.1hh eventer and nine-year-old Max, a 16.1hh showjumper, were found dead in their field in Damerham, Hampshire.

    They had suffered such severe injuries that their owner Robert Cobb initially thought they had been the victims of a vicious attack.

    It appears that the two horses were frightened by the loud bangs of fireworks let off at a private opera evening held near their field.

    Panicked by the noise, it is believed they collided head on with each other and died within a matter of minutes.

    Owner Robert Cobb said: “We had gone out for the evening and when we returned at about 11.30pm,everything was quiet and it wasn’t until the morning that we found them.”

    “We were not forewarned about the fireworks display and this tragic incident highlights the need for responsible behaviour when using pyrotechnics.”